Beijing Grants 311 Foreigners Permanent Residence Status

Xinhua (Beijing): Beijing has granted 311 foreigners permanent residence status since China adopted a policy akin to the “green card” in the United States in 2004, police said Sunday.

The Beijing municipal public security bureau has accepted 371 applications for permanent residence status over the past five years, of which 311 have been approved, said Xu Jie, an officer in the exit-entry management division of the bureau.

Among the 311, 39 were granted the status for working in the country, 37 for making outstanding contribution, 123 for family re-union and the rest 112 were expatriates.

Famous scientists, scholars, athletes, artists and other talents, as well as investors, are eligible to apply for the permanent residence status.

Spouses of Chinese citizens or foreigners who have been granted permanent residence status can apply for the status after having been married and resided in China for over five years with no less than nine months in China each year.

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