Translation: Applying for Permanent Residence on the Basis of Marriage (Beijing Rules)

CN-Eng translationBelow is an English translation of the Beijing Exit-Entry Bureau’s rules to apply for permanent residence (i.e., a green card) on the basis of marriage to a Chinese citizen or permanent resident.

The rules, undated, were provided to our firm on December 2, 2013. The rules provide details for implementing the State Council’s Measures for the Administration of Examination and Approval of Aliens’ Permanent Residence in China.

Similar information for Shanghai can be found in its local “Visa & Residence Permit Information” Booklet.


Rules for Application for Permanent Residence by a Foreign National (8): Spousal Reunion



A. Application Requirements

To apply, as of the date the application is accepted for filing, the applicant must have been married to a Chinese citizen or foreigner permanently residing in China for five years, resided continuously in China for 5 years (and each of those years been physically present in China for at least 9 months), have a guarantee of a stable life and home, abide by Chinese law, be healthy, and have no criminal record.


1. 经公证或认证的结婚证明复印件。

2. 配偶的身份证明复印件。中国籍配偶的居民身份证及北京市户口本,或外国籍配偶的有效护照及《外国人永久居留证》。

3. 经公证的房屋租赁或者产权证明复印件。

4. 经公证的银行存款证明复印件。(金额10万元人民币以上,冻结6个月以上)

5 经中国驻该国使领馆认证的国外无犯罪记录证明复印件。(证明及认证的出具时间应在受理之日前6个月内)

6. 经公证的国内无犯罪记录证明复印件。(证明及公证的出具时间应在受理之日前6个月内)

7. 北京市出入境检验检疫局出具的《健康证明书》。(有效时间段为申请之日前6个月内)

8. 申请之日前连续5年使用过的护照及有效签证复印件。

9. 申请人持就业或任职类居留许可须提供外国人就业证或专家证,收入证明,三年个人完税证明复印件。

10. 申请人为外籍华人,须提供曾取得外国定居资格证明、入籍证明、入籍时使用的中国护照、派出所开具的户口注销证明复印件。


12. 夫妻双方个人简历。

13. 其他必要的证明。

B. Application Materials

1. Notarized or authenticated marriage certificate (photocopy).

2. Spouse’s ID card (photocopy): Chinese citizen spouse’s national ID card and Beijing hukou, or foreign spouse’s unexpired permanent residence card.

3. Notarized lease or deed for home (photocopy).

4. Notarized evidence of bank deposits (photocopy) (The balance should be 100,000 RMB or higher, and it should be frozen for at least 6 months).

5. Certificate of no criminal conviction abroad authenticated by the appropriate Chinese consulate (photocopy). (The certificate and authentication should be issued within 6 months of the date the application is accepted).

6. Notarized certificate of no criminal conviction in China (photocopy). (The certificate and notarization should be issued within 6 months of the date the application is accepted).

7. Health certificate issued by the Beijing Exit-Entry Bureau’s Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. (The certificate should be issued within 6 months of the date the application is accepted).

8. Passport(s) used within the 5 years prior to application, including unexpired visa (photocopy).

9. For an applicant who has held a residence permit for work, submit the work permit or foreign expert permit, evidence of salary, and tax payment certificates for three years (photocopies).

10. If the applicant is a Chinese person who has acquired foreign nationality, submit evidence of qualification to settle in a foreign country, naturalization in that country, the Chinese passport used at the time of naturalization, and evidence of cancellation of your hukou by the police station (photocopies).

11. Two front-facing color portrait-layout photographs with a light blue or white background.

12. Resumes for both spouses.

13. Other required documents.






C. Standard Fees

First-time application: 1500 RMB

Card production: 300 RMB

Changes to card: 300 RMB

Replacement card: 600 RMB


1. 外国有关机构出具的证明需经中国驻该国使领馆认证。

2. 外文材料需译成中文,并在翻译件上加盖翻译公司公章。

3. 递交复印件前均须审核原件,复印件需A4规格,一式两份。


1. Documents issued by foreign entities must be authenticated by the Chinese consulate in the corresponding country.

2. Documents in foreign languages should be translated to Chinese. The translation should be chopped by the translation company.

3. Photocopies should be on A4-size paper and submitted in duplicate. Provide the original documents for inspection at the time of application.












4 Replies to “Translation: Applying for Permanent Residence on the Basis of Marriage (Beijing Rules)”

  1. I wonder if you would be so kind as to give a further post outlining the major legal benefits that come with permanent residence. I am currently wondering whether it’s worth my time and effort to go through all of this, and I think if I had a better grasp of what it will mean for me, I might be able to more easily make a decision.

  2. Hi Gary,

    I’m thinking about applying for permanent residence on the basis of my nearly 5 years marriage to a PRC citizen and continuous residence in China. I have two concerns. First, I’m not working. I am a mature student amd am currently in my last year of my 4-year BA in a Chinese university. After graduation, I’ll look for a job, but I may get a residence permit through my wife if the job doesn’t pan out. Second, I don’t have 100,000 RMB.

    1. Jordan,

      The Beijing rules don’t require evidence that you have worked, only that if you have worked then proof you have paid any required taxes during the most recent 3 years. More importantly, the rules do require evidence that you have 100,000 RMB on deposit, frozen for at least 6 months. That evidentiary requirement seems to be targeted at ensuring applicants have a “guarantee of a stable life and home”–in other words, that applicants have a certain degree of financial independence. You may need to delay your green card application until you can meet that requirement.

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