CCTV News on China’s New Immigration Law (Gary Chodorow Interviewed)

New visa regulations issued by China’s State Council went into effect yesterday, September 1. CCTV news interviewed immigration lawyer Gary Chodorow about how the new regulations will impact employers’ ability to attract and keep international talent.

As Teressa Siu of CCTV reports, the new R visa is a step in the right direction to the extent that it facilitates recruitment of high-caliber overseas talent . Agencies will need to issue additional rules spelling out the requirements and procedures for this visa.

But longer Public Security Bureau (PSB) processing times for residence permits for Z (work) visa holders and others could pose problems for foreign nationals and the companies that employ them. PSB retains the foreign national’s passport for the 15 work days the application is pending, potentially preventing with domestic and international travel plans, checking in to a hotel, and conducting bank transactions.

And a new requirement that employment license applicants submit a “certificate of no criminal conviction” to the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security may also delay the visa process. This requirement applies in Beijing and some other cities.

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