Student Seeks Crowdfunding to Pay Visa Overstay Fine

Jesse Konrad Visa OverstayJesse Konrad, a Canadian student studying abroad in China, is seeking crowdfunding to pay a fine for overstaying his visa.

Konrad is an undergraduate at Carleton University in Canada, majoring in international buisiness, according to his LinkedIn profile. He’s currently studying abroad at Shanghai International Studies University.

He was fined by the Public Security Bureau for overstaying his China visa by 42 days, reports the Ottawa Citizen (here and here). The overstay was discovered when two Shanghai policemen knocked on his door asking to see his passport.

The Exit-Entry Administration Law, article 78, imposes a penalty of 500 RMB per day for overstaying a visa, not to exceed a total of
10,000 yuan, or detention of five and 15 days.

Konrad says he simply overlooked the visa’s expiration date. “I screwed up.” The precise amount of Konrad’s fine isn’t reported, but his sister started a crowdsourcing campaign on, where she has raised almost CDN 1500 towards a CDN 2200 goal. She explained that she turned to crowdsourcing because her “family doesn’t have that money simply lying around.” An update on the website, as of Mar. 20, states that the PSB has extended the deadline for Konrad to pay the fine:

Hi everyone – Jesse was able to show the authorities this campaign (as proof he was trying to get the money together) and they have given him 2 weeks to pay the remainder of the fee. As well, Carleton University and the Chinese school have figured out a way to renew his visa. He will not only escape [detention], but he will also be able to finish his third year abroad and keep on track with his studies. Thank you so much for all your support. It was been an incredible few days and I owe it to all of you and your remarkable generosity!


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