EU Chamber of Commerce in China Position Paper on Visa Issues

EU ChamberThe European Union Chamber of Commerce in China publishes an annual Position Paper with recommendations to Chinese policy-makers on how to improve the Chinese business environment. The Paper includes various visa-related recommendations:


  1. Allow for more flexible visa regulations to address the needs of families of top talent, including access to resident visas for children over 18, clarifying university and internship visa access in China.
  2. Lower the threshold for Green Card application.
  3. Simplify the rules for the children of work permit holders to access the local schooling system: Foreign passport holders can only access international divisions of local schools which charge higher fees than the local divisions.
  4. Allow children holding Chinese passports having been educated overseas to access international schools: The children of returnees, especially if educated abroad, may have a level of Chinese too low for local schools.

Read the human resources chapter of the European Chamber’s Position Paper, which includes the visa-related recommendations, here.

You may also be interested in reading Eight Ideas for Reforming China’s Immigration System on this blog, which touches on several issues related to work visas not mentioned by the European Chamber.

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