Event: China’s New Exit-Entry Administration Law and the State Council’s Draft Regulations–a Panel Discussion


May 27 (Monday) at 2pm: The State Council has released draft regulations to implement China’s new immigration law, which becomes effective on July 1.  This panel discussion will cover key provisions of the law and regulations that foreigners and companies employing them should prepare for, such as:

  • The Z (work) visa is being divided into Z1 and Z2 subcategories.
  • The F (business) visa is being separated into M (business or commercial activities) visas and F (noncommercial, scientific-technological, education, and cultural exchange) visas.
  • New R1 and R2 visas will be issued for high-level talents and professionals in short supply.
  • New deadlines for filing applications to the PSB for stay in China or residence permits.
  • New provisions for companies to employ X (student) visa holders for part-time work or internships.
  • A new definition of foreigners’ illegal employment.
  • Stricter penalties for employers hiring foreigners illegally, for foreigners employed illegally, and for other violations of terms of stay and residence permits.

The discussion will be bilingual (Mandarin-English), with translation provided.


  • LIU Guofu is a professor of law at Beijing Institute of Technology and author of the book, Chinese Immigration Law. He has advised both the National People’s Congress and the State Council on immigration issues.
  • LIU Sen is a partner at DHH Law Firm specializing in FDI, international trade, employment, and PRC immigration law.
  • Gary CHODOROW (moderator) is chief representative for Hong Law Offices in Beijing, where his practice focuses on immigration and nationality law.


Please RSVP to Gary Chodorow at gary@lawandborder.com or 134.8871.9000.

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