Family Immigration

At Chodorow Law Offices, we put families first. Our family immigration work includes, for example:

  • We help with special issues faced by U.S. citizen expats, including the option to file Form I-130 with a USCIS international office or U.S. Consulate and questions related to domicile for the Form I-864, Affidavit of Support. 
  • Form I-485, Application to Adjust Status

In addition, if your relative is in China, we have unparalleled experience and resources on the ground for representing clients before the USCIS offices and U.S. Consulates in China that handle immigrant visa applications (Guangzhou and Hong Kong). We make it our business to know each consulate’s policies, practices, and procedures. 

Schedule a consultation with an immigration lawyer in Beijing, Shenyang, Shanghai, or Los Angeles; or by phone, Skype, WeChat, or FaceTime. Our goal is to become your trusted legal adviser.

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