Infographic: China Z (Work) Visa Application Flow Chart

China_Z_work_visa_application_process_thumbThis flow chart shows a typical process for applying for a Z (work) visa in China(a):

China Z (work) visa application flow chart


(a) This process does not apply to foreign experts.

(b) Some foreign nationals, including but not limited to chief representatives and representatives of the permanent representative offices of foreign enterprises in China, are exempt from the employment license requirement.

(c) In limited circumstances, a foreign national in China who has not entered with a Z visa may be able to apply for a work-related residence permit. See, e.g., the Beijing Provisional Procedures for Visas and Residence Permits.

(d) In some cities, the foreign national will have been required to obtain a health certificate earlier in order to apply for an employment license.


12 Replies to “Infographic: China Z (Work) Visa Application Flow Chart”

  1. Temporary residence registration needs to be done within 24 hours of entering China with a Z visa.

    1. Marian: Thanks. I’ve clarified that temporary residence registration needs to be done both within 24 hours of entering China with a Z visa and after issuance of the residence permit. More about registration and re-registration is here.

  2. Gary, The infographic is fantastic and its very clear. Thanks so much. Rakesh

    PS.. Big fan of your website. Have been reading it now for a while.

  3. Hi Gary, what are the processes I need to take note of if i plan to quit my job before my residence and work permits expire? I plan to take on freelance/short-term copywriting work thereafter. Do I still need to reapply a new work permit?

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