Nominate a Foreign Expert for a “Friendship Award”

China Friendship AwardNominations for Friendship Awards (友谊奖) are due by April 18. The awards, granted by China’s State Administration for Foreign Expert Affairs, will be conferred as part of the celebrations for National Day (Oct. 1).

The Friendship Award  is the highest award for foreign experts, going to those who have made “outstanding contributions to the country’s economic and social progress”. A candidate must hold a foreign expert certificate. Chinese citizens, including those from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, are not eligible.

It’s Foreign Expert Offices at the provincial level (or city-level if they report directly to the central government), as well as national ministries and agencies that make the nominations, but they generally appreciate input from the public. Each unit can make up to 4 recommendations. A SAFEA panel will then select 100 winners.

There’s no cash prize, but a medal and certificate.  In addition, winning can ease the process of applying for permanent residence on the basis of “having made great and outstanding contributions and being specially needed by China.” See Permanent Residence Measures, art. 6(3).

Read the SAFEA announcement and award description. Wikipedia has a list of some prior winners.


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