Shanghai “Visa & Residence Permit Information” Booklet

Shanghai Visa and Residence Permit Info-CoverThe Exit-Entry Administration of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau (PSB) has published a booklet outlining visa and residence permit requirements and procedures.

The “Visa & Residence Permit Information” booklet (10.9 MB) is organized in order of the window at Shanghai PSB Exit-Entry Administration where the related service is provided. There’s no table of contents, so I’ve drafted one:


001: Q2 (short-term reunion) visa renewal
002: L (tourism) visa renewal
003: S2 (short-term private affairs) visa renewal
004: F (visit) visa renewal
008: R (talent) visa renewal
009: M (commerce) visa renewal
010: X2 (short-term study) visa renewal


011: Certificate of stay
012: Reissuance of certificates lost, damaged, or stolen

Residence Certificates

013: Family reunion-class residence certificate
014: Family reunion-class residence certificate for foster care
015: Work-class residence certificate (1 year)
016: Work-class residence certificate (2 years)
017: Work-class residence certificate (3 years)
018: Work-class residence certificate (4 years)
019: Work-class residence certificate (5 years)
020: Private affairs-class residence certificate for family visit/private affairs
021: Private affairs-class residence certificate for medical assistance or service
022: Private affairs-class residence certificate for overseas Chinese over age 60
023: Student-class residence certificate
024: Reporter-class residence certificate

More Miscellaneous

025: Reporting loss of foreign passport
026: First credential of child born in China
027: Expedited processing for urgent cases

Nationality and Permanent Residence

028: Nationality examination
035: Permanent residence for investors
036: Permanent residence based on employment
037: Permanent residence based on outstanding contributions
038: Permanent residence based on marriage to a PRC citizen
039: Permanent residence for reunion with PRC citizen child
040: Permanent residence for persons over age 60 with no relatives abroad

Immigration Functions Performed by Other Departments

Information about Foreign Expert Certificates (外国专家证)
Information about Employment Credentials (外国人就业证)
Authenticating the Identity of a Foreign Investor
Physical Examination
Contact Information for Related Work Units

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