“All About Visas”: Podcast by the Economic Observer

podcastThe China Hangup podcast is a weekly discussion with social, business and political figures hosted by Eric Fish, Hudson Lockett and Nicole Sy for the Economic Observer newspaper. This week’s episode, “All About Visas,” covers China’s new immigration law.


Attorney Liu Sen of the Beijing DHH Law Firm and I read the tea leaves regarding what the new law will mean for companies, foreign employees, business visitors and tourists. Check it out, or get it on iTunes.

I enjoyed doing the podcast but wish I would have been invited for the previous episode on the Ups and Downs of the Modeling Industry.



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  2. Confused about the new visa laws? Listen to this podcast.

    The new visa laws have led to over 450 people being fined, and to much more confusion and consternation among expats. Our friends at the excellent China Hang-Up podcast recently aired a discussion of the new laws, what they will mean in the short term for expats, and what they indicate about wider governmental attitudes towards immigration.

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