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If you are interested in hiring Chodorow Law Offices or need advice about U.S. visas, permanent residence, or citizenship, we can help. We represent clients worldwide. Contact us in China (Beijing, Shenyang, or Shanghai) or Los Angeles. The consultation can be in person, by telephone, or by video conference.

To schedule a consultation, please fill our Consultation Request Form.

What to Expect from an Immigration Consultation

During the appointment, we will speak with you and review the relevant documents to learn your goals and your situation. Then we can explain each strategy available to you  (for example, each immigration benefit you may qualify for), and help you choose among them. The purpose of the consultation is to give you clarity and peace of mind. We will:

  • explain the requirements and procedures for any application;
  • estimate the odds of success and explain whether there are potential risks associated with the strategy;
  • explain your rights and obligations associated with the visa or immigration status;
  • answer your questions, so feel free to prepare a list of questions;
  • quote you a legal fee for handling the case. The fee will be based on our estimate of the amount of legal work needed for the case, which depends on the facts and the chosen case strategy. We’ll also explain any costs for the case (for example, government filing fees).

The consultation is confidential. It can be in English or Chinese (or an interpreter can be arranged for another language). If you like, a family member or employer can participate. Plan for it to take 60-90 minutes.

The consultation fee is USD 300 (or RMB 2100), payable by USD credit card, USD eCheck (ACH), or RBM bank transfer. If you later hire our law firm to represent you, the consultation fee will be credited towards the legal fee for the case.

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