China Police Certificates for Foreigners

Our law firm routinely assists clients in obtaining China police certificates for purposes such as immigration (to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries) or employment background checks. Our clients include foreign nationals, including former Chinese citizens, and residents of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

Background Information

A police certificate is a document confirming you have no conviction (or listing your convictions) within a jurisdiction.

A police certificate is also known as a police clearance certificate (PCC), or no criminal record (NCR) certificate. In Chinese, it is commonly referred to as a 无犯罪记录证明书 (certificate of no criminal conviction). For a sample, see here.

Unlike most countries, in China, a city will only issue to a foreigner a police certificate covering the time you resided in that city. (In Guangzhou, one certificate can cover all places you resided in the province.) As a result, if you have lived in multiple locations, you may need multiple police certificates.

Requirements for issuance of a police certificate vary from city to city. A list of the requirements may not even be published, especially in smaller cities. Some cities will issue police certificates to cover only periods that a foreigner:

  • has the passport used during residence in the city;
  • held residence permits (居留许可) issued in that city issued by the local public security bureau’s exit-entry administration. Such cities will not issue police certificates to cover periods you you held short-term visas such as L (tourist), F (visitor), M (business), Q2 (visiting relatives), or X2 (short-term study); and/or
  • has temporary residence registration forms (TRRFs) evidencing completion of the temporary residence registration (临时住宿登记) process in that city. Note that if you did complete the process but have lost your TRRFs, our firm can request copies from the public security bureau.

Procedures to apply for a police certificate also vary from city to city. Most commonly, to apply, the applicant or another person with a power of attorney (委托书) signed by the applicant must first visit the local public security bureau to apply for a police letter. Then, that police letter must be brought to a local notary office to apply for issuance of a notarial police certificate. The notary can issue the police certificate with a translation to English or another language, if required.

Note on Unobtainable Police Certificates

There are cases where a China police certificate is unobtainable because you don’t meet one or more of the local requirements.

The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries will waive the police certificate requirement upon presentation of proof that the police certificate is unobtainable. For instance:

  • United States: “In the event that the immigrant establishes to the satisfaction of the consular officer that” a police clearance “is unobtainable, the consular officer may permit the immigrant to submit … other satisfactory evidence of the fact to which such document or record would, if obtainable, pertain.” 9 FAM 504.4-4(F) (emphasis added). Such other satisfactory evidence that a person has no criminal conviction may include, for example, “proof of membership in or affiliation with a reputable religious organization in a religious capacity during periods of foreign residence may be accepted as such evidence.” 9 FAM 504.4-4(B) (emphasis added). In our experience, an individual’s own affidavit or an employer letter may also be satisfactory evidence that a person has no conviction.
  • Canada: Rules require that an applicant show proof that they requested a police certificate from the correct authorities and explain why it cannot be issued.
  • Australia: If you are unable to obtain a police certificate, you should demonstrate with documentary evidence where possible, that you have made a genuine attempt to obtain the certificate. The police certificate requirement may be waived if you demonstrate that, given the circumstances, it is unreasonable to require a certificate.
  • New Zealand: The police certificate requirement may be waived under INZ Operational Manual A5.10, where an immigration officer who holds the position of immigration manager or has Schedule 3 delegations or above is satisfied that such certificate is “not available” (for example, where authorities of a country do not generally provide such certificates) or “unduly difficult to obtain” (for example, where “circumstances beyond the control of the applicant” prevent them from obtaining the certificate).

Unfortunately, in many situations the public security bureau and notary will not provide documentation showing that an application was made and why it was refused. Our law firm will request that the agency put this decision in writing. If the agency refuses to put the decision in writing, we will document this refusal. We will provide a declaration explaining that the police certificate has been denied and that the denial cannot be overcome through reasonable efforts. The declaration will be accompanied by supporting evidence, relevant Chinese rules about issuance and notarization of police certificates, and certified English translations.

Getting a Quote from Our Law Firm

Our firm focuses on being thorough and transparent regarding how we assist with police certificate applications. We charge a research fee to prepare a detailed quote for your case. This will include:

  • reviewing the facts of your case, as set forth in a Client Questionnaire you will fill in for us;
  • requesting and reviewing key documents in your case;
  • researching and speaking with local officials to determine the city’s requirements and procedures for police certificate applications as they apply to the specific facts of your case; and
  • preparing for the quote for your case.

To get a quote from our firm:

1. Client Questionnaire: Each person seeking a police certificate should fill the below Client Questionnaire. We will treat your information confidentially.

2. Submit Your Documents: Please provide to us scans of the documents listed here.

3. Pay the Research Fee: The research fee is USD 150 (RMB 1050) for each police certificate you want to apply for. You can pay by RMB bank transfer, USD credit card, or USD eCheck (ACH).

Your quote will include:

  • A list of the steps we will take in your case.
  • The strategy we propose for dealing with any potential difficulty.
  • A prediction of whether the police certificate will be issued or will be unobtainable (in which case we will need to gather and prepare evidence that the certificate is unobtainable).
  • The legal fees we will charge. Our firm’s legal fees typically range from USD 450 to 800 per police certificate application. If the certificate is unobtainable, we typically charge an additional USD 700 to gather evidence and prepare a declaration to be submitted to foreign immigration authorities that the certificate is unobtainable. Our quote will include a discount if you are applying for certificates from multiple cities or if multiple family members are applying at the same time.
  • Estimated processing time: Processing times vary by city but are typically 7-10 weeks. After the police certificate is issued, we will send it to you via international courier, such as FedEx.

We Can Assist Nationwide

We can assist with applying for police certificates anywhere in Mainland China, including but not limited to the following cities:

  • Anhui (安徽): Hefei (合肥)
  • Beijing (北京)
  • Chongqing (重庆)
  • Fujian (福建): Fuzhou (福州), Quanzhou (泉州), Xiamen (厦门)
  • Gansu (甘肃): Lanzhou (兰州)
  • Guangdong (广东): Guangzhou (广州), Shenzhen (深圳), Shantou (汕头), Dongguan (东莞), Foshan (佛山), Zhuhai (珠海), Huizhou (惠州), Zhongshan (中山)
  • Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Zone (广西壮族自治区): Nanning (南宁)
  • Guizhou (贵州): Guiyang (贵阳)
  • Hainan (海南): Haikou (海口)
  • Hebei (河北): Shijiazhuang (石家庄)
  • Heilongjiang (黑龙江): Harbin (哈尔滨)
  • Henan (河南): Zhengzhou (郑州)
  • Hubei (湖北): Wuhan (武汉)
  • Hunan (湖南): Changsha (长沙)
  • Jiangsu (江苏): Changzhou (常州), Nanjing (南京), Nantong (南通), Suzhou (苏州), Wuxi (无锡), Xuzhou (徐州)
  • Jiangxi (江西): Nanchang (南昌)
  • Jilin (吉林): Changchun (长春)
  • Liaoning (辽宁): Shenyang (沈阳), Dalian (大连)
  • Shaanxi (陕西): Xi’an (西安)
  • Shandong (山东): Jinan (济南), Qingdao (青岛), Yantai (烟台)
  • Shanghai (上海)
  • Shanxi (山西): Taiyuan (太原)
  • Sichuan (四川): Chengdu (成都)
  • Tianjin (天津)
  • Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Zone (新疆维吾尔族自治区): Urumqi (乌鲁木齐)
  • Yunnan (云南): Kunming (昆明)
  • Zhejiang (浙江): Hangzhou (杭州), Jiaxing (嘉兴), Jinhua (金华), Wenzhou (温州), Ningbo (宁波), Shaoxing (绍兴), Taizhou (台州)

Client Testimonials

Thanks, Gary, for providing an expert legal opinion explaining to the U.S. Embassy in London that it would be impossible for my wife to obtain a Chinese police certificate. At the immigrant visa interview, the consular officer reviewed the documentation and approved the visa a few minutes later. It worked perfectly.


  1. I am a New Zealand and Australian citizen who had lived in Beijing for the past few years. Now, I am sponsoring my wife to apply for a partner visa in Australia. The immigration department requires me to supply a China police certificate. However, I did not apply for a residence permit during my days in Beijing. Is it possible for you to help me to obtain the certificate, if not, what other option do I have?

    1. Cheng Han: In Beijing, the exit-entry administration will issue a police certificate even if you did not have a local residence permit, so long as you lived in Beijing for over 90 days and have evidence of residence. The best such evidence is temporary residence registration forms from the police station. In the absence of those, the exit-entry administration may accept other evidence, such as leases, employer letters, a university diploma or certificate.

      1. I came to Beijing only for visiting my family, and I didn’t file temporary residence registration forms with the local police station.

        1. Cheng Han: If you retain our firm, we’ll explore whether you have any other evidence acceptable to the exit-entry administration. If no, then as explained above we’ll help you prove to the satisfaction of the Australian immigration authorities that no police certificate can be issued.

  2. Hi, I have lived and worked in China for 5 years. Now, I have moved away but need a China police certificate to apply for Canadian immigration. My Chinese friend tells me that the public security bureau has stopped issuing police certificates in the city where I lived. What should I do?

    1. Roe: There have been times in certain cities when it has not been possible to obtain a police certificate because no public security bureau (PSB) organ or notary is willing to take responsibility for such cases or because they have paused issuing police certificates while their polices are under review. If this is really the case, then as explained above, the Canadian (or other) immigration authorities will accept proof that the police certificate is unobtainable. Our law firm can gather such evidence. Be careful, however, because sometimes officials mistakenly give inaccurate information about local rules on police certificates for foreigners.

  3. I may have lost one of my old passports that I used when I lived in China–or maybe I lost just the page with the China visa. Can your firm still help me apply for a China police certificate?

    1. Yes, we can help you apply. Some cities require the original passport with China visas; other cities require only copies; still other cities don’t even require copies; yet other cities will accept a letter from your government that you used to have a passport with a certain number. In any case, our firm can help you apply for a police certificate. If the police certificate can’t be issued because you do not have and cannot obtain a required document, then we can prepare evidence to prove to the government where you are now applying for a visa that the police certificate cannot be obtained.

  4. I am currently in the process of applying for a Visa to the United States of America. I have turned in all of my formal documents and just recently received a letter stated my notarized Police Certificate was not accurate. My notarized Police Certificate covered only Beijing, yet it is needed for all of China.

    I am messaging because I am in need of help to find see if your office could be of any help. I have gone to the police station where I am registered, to another office that was able to do the notarized Police Certificate for Beijing, and I have also been to the PSB (Public Security Bureau) here in Beijing, but to no avail.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  5. Hi: I previously lived in China. I overstayed 6 months and was required to pay a fine in order to obtain a visa to exit the country. Now, I would like to apply for a China police certificate in connection with a U.S. visa application. Can you help me?

    1. Wangi: Persons who have overstayed their visas in China may well be ineligible for police certificates covering the period of the violation, depending on the city and the circumstances. However, our firm can still assist. For example, we previously assisted a refugee who entered China illegally, lived in the country for several years, and then left the country without going through inspection. We were unable to obtain a police certificate for her, but as explained above, we can gather persuasive evidence explaining to U.S. or other countries’ immigration authorities that the China police certificate is unobtainable, and on that basis the requirement to submit a police certificate can be waived.

  6. Good day, I never registered my temporary residence in China with the police during my 4 years’ study in China. Can you still help?

    1. DemiFaks: Yes, we can still help. In some cities, temporary residence registration forms (TRRFs) are not required to obtain a CNCC. In other cities, TRRFs are required, in which case we’ll need to prepare evidence for foreign immigration authorities proving that the CNCC is unobtainable.

  7. My brother went to China to study. Now he is back in Vietnam. He needs a China police certificate for purposes of U.S. immigration. Can you help?

  8. My husband and I lived in Ningbo, China from 2002 to 2015. My friend tried to obtain a non criminal certificate and they said that since we haven’t lived there since 2015 they cannot give us one. In 2016 we were issued one but now they say they can only give us a copy of it. We reside in New Zealand and need it for visa purposes. Can you help us?

  9. Hello,

    I lived in China from Jan 2010 to July 2010 on 4 F visas teaching english. My passport contains the entry/exit stamps.

    I lived in Henan – Xuchang (Jan – Feb)
    I lived in Hebei – WuYi (March – Jun)

    I am just wondering if you can help me and I have no proof of residence?


    1. James: We’re happy to help. Please complete the above-referenced questionnaire. If a CNCC is unobtainable because the applicant cannot provide the required documents, we can ask that foreign immigration authorities waive the CNCC requirement on the basis it is unobtainable.

  10. Can you help us obtain a Chinese Police Clearance? My husband worked in Guangzhou from 1994 to 2004 and his proof is the alien employment permit and passports with entry/exit stamps (but with some missing pages).

    1. Beth: We’re happy to help. Please complete the above-referenced questionnaire. If a CNCC is unobtainable because the applicant cannot provide the required documents, we can provide evidence to foreign immigration authorities that the CNCC is unobtainable and ask that the CNCC requirement be waived on that basis.

  11. My fiance is Filipina K-1 visa applicant. She was a domestic helper in Ningbo China about 5 years ago. She overstayed her visa by about six months, and then was in jail 14 days after she surrendered. She has her old passport but no other immigration records. She cannot remember the exact address where she lived. She contacted her former employer about a letter, but that person is deathly afraid of giving out any information.

    1. James: We have handled analogous cases for visa overstayers. In such cases, depending on the city, there are various reasons that the individual may not be eligible to obtain a CNCC. For example, some cities will only provide CNCCs for persons who hold residence permits stamped into their passports, and some cities will only provide CNCCs for persons who have temporary residence registration forms showing registration with the local police station. In cases where our firm is unable to get the CNCC, we will gather evidence to show the U.S. State Dep’t that it is unobtainable, and we will ask that the CNCC requirement be waived.

      1. My fiancee is a Ukrainian K-1 visa applicant. She was a tourist in Guangzhou about 10 years ago, where she got drunk and was arrested in a hotel room with a Chinese guy. She was detained for 14 days then released. Was she arrested for or convicted of a crime? What records does she need for U.S. immigration purposes?

        1. Jack: a K-1 or immigrant visa applicant must submit a police record for any country where arrested. (22 C.F.R. § 42.65). Once your fiancée has the police record, she’ll understand whether she was arrested for a crime or for an administrative violation (which is more likely). In any case, consult with our firm or another qualified immigration lawyer whether the incident may impact her eligibility to immigrate.

  12. Hi, I was born in Beijing, China. I lost my PRC citizenship when I naturalized in another country. I no longer have a hukou, as I was very young when I left with my family. Can I get a Beijing police certificate?

    1. M.C.C.: In such cases, you’ll need some evidence of identity that matches your old hukou. Maybe your cancelled PRC passport or old national ID, for example. You (or a third party such as our law firm with a power of attorney) will need to ask the notary what evidence of identity will be considered acceptable. With that, the PSB should be able to pull your old hukou cancellation record and issue a police certificate stating that you had no criminal record through that cancellation date.

  13. Hi I’m a Filipino right now I’m processing k1 visa to United State , and I need to get police clearance from china . I in Guangzhou since 2005 to 2012 with L visa is it possible to get a police clearance?

    1. Rina: Depending on the on the complete facts of your situation, we may be able to get you the police certificate, or we may be able to prove that it is unobtainable for part or all of your period of residence.

  14. Hi, my son in applying for a Canadian visa. He was in Beijing with a visitor visa for a total of not more than 6 months between 2009 and now. He no longer has his temporary residence registration forms. The public security bureau is saying that they cannot issue him a police certificate. Can You help?

    1. Lola: If your son doesn’t have and can’t get the required documents to qualify for a Beijing police certificate, we can help him apply for the certificate, get denied, and submit evidence to the Canadian authorities that the police certificate requirement should be waived on the basis that it is unobtainable.

  15. Hello, my brother got administrative warning penalty and he paid a fine before 1 year can he get a no criminal certificate now. Illegal act, So they give him a warning.

  16. Hi, Gary. My query pertains to the following response to Cheng Han on 26/11/17:

    “In the absence of (temporary residence registration forms from the police station) , the exit-entry administration may accept other evidence, such as…. employer letters.”

    Is there any official form for an employer letter, or is it just a matter of my former employer stating something like ‘Xx worked at YY for Zz years” with their stamp and/or signature?

    My former employer is happy to assist with a letter, but I worry it won’t meet whatever the requirements of the police/PSB are.

    Kind regards.

    1. Joel: The format of the required employer letter varies from city to city, but typically must be in Chinese, chopped by the employer. and state the employee’s name, passport number, dates of employment, and that to the best of the employer’s knowledge the employee has not been convicted of a crime.

  17. Hi Gary, I would like to thank you for helping with my husband’s Chinese Police Clearance. Because of you the impossible became possible: The US Embassy in Manila accepted his Police Clearance and, for his first year in China, accepted the evidence your team prepared showing that the Police Certificate was unobtainable. Thank you also to Susie Guo and all those in Chodorow Law Offices.

  18. Hello sir,
    I was working as illegal housemaid in Fujian China for almost 5 years, now I needed a police clearance for my spouse visa in USA. Can you be able to help to get one?

    1. Miller: We’ve helped with a number of similar cases. We can either get the police certificate or ask that the Consulate waive the requirement on the basis that it is unobtainable.

  19. I was born a Chinese citizen but I became a Korean citizen later so I do not hold Chinese citizenship anymore and I’m currently living in the US, can I still get background check from China? thanks.

  20. Hi, i’m Daniel.
    I was working in a construction company in Beijing – China on Z visa but in my free time, I used to teach English without knowing that it’s illegal. Once I was caught by police and got 5000 RMB fine. After that I never teach again and just focus on my job. Now I need PCC for Canadian immigration. Kindly advice, whether That illegal teaching will be mentioned on PCC?? I’m quite afraid as this could weak my case. Kindly give me some good news please !!

    1. Daniel: A China police certificate states that the applicant has no “criminal record” in China. Here’s a samplesamplesample. You can check your records, but I bet you were charged not with a crime but instead for violation of the article in the Exit and Entry Administration Law that prohibits unlawful employment. That’s a civil violation, not a criminal violation, so wouldn’t make you ineligible got get a clean China police certificate.

  21. Hello,

    I am a UK citizen, but was previously Chinese, and am in the process of applying for a New Zealand visa. I have not lived in China for over 11 years, but when I did live in China I was a Chinese citizen living in Baoji and Xi’an. I have my old ID card, but lack much other information. I am wondering if there is anything additional I can or should supply to you in order to apply for a police certificate?

  22. I am Niranjan from Australia. I studied in china from year 2001-2006 in Guangxi medical university. I need police clearance but my passport is new and old passport I got visa stamped on has already been discarded .Would I still be able to get police clearance please ?

    1. Niranjan: In Guangxi, if you no longer have the passport(s) used in China, the public security bureau and notary will still be willing to issue you a police certificate, provided that you meet the other requirements. Those other requirements include, for example, that for the period you seek the police certificate you held residence permits and have TRRFs (or our firm can get them for you at the PSB).

      1. Yes I will need help with your firm to get one please.Kindly email me the requirements and cost involved please.

        1. Hello:
          I need a Guangzhou police certificate but no longer have my original passport used during the time. Can you help?

  23. Hello. I was living in China with M visa total for 14 months. Going to get a K-1 visa for US. But i was periodically going back to my country. How does the year count, since it said you need to provide a criminal check if u lived in another country for a year. I have been in China since august 2018 to January 2019, then april 2019 to august 2019, and than from august 2019 to january 2020. Do i even need a criminal check? Thank you!

    1. Guliia: The regulations require police certificates from any country where an applicant “has resided for at least one year.” 22 C.F.R. 42.65. The term “reside” is not the same as being physically present in a place. Instead, the term “reside” refers to the country where a person mainly “dwelled” (lived) during the period. INA 101(a)(33). From your timeline, it looks like you mainly dwelled (lived) in China between Aug. 2018 and Jan. 2020 because you were away from the country for only about about 3 months during that period of about 17 months So it may be wise to get a China police certificate. Of course, confirm this with your immigration attorney, or feel free to consult with our firm so we can learn all relevant facts and then give advice you can rely on.

  24. I stayed in Qingdao for 1 year and in Weifang for 4 years. Both are in Shandong province. Do I need two police clearance certificates to apply for permanent residence in Canada?

    1. Please verify with your Canadian lawyer or visa specialist if the Canadian government will need police certificates covering the periods you lived in both cities. Assuming the answer is yes, you’ll need to apply in each city. In other words, in Shandong each city issues its own police certificates; you can’t get a single province-wide police certificate.

  25. Hi: A few years back, I worked illegally in China, was fined, and was detained. Was this a criminal conviction? Will it prevent me from getting a no criminal record certificate?

    1. Hasu: Working illegally is a civil violation described in the Exit and Entry Administration Law, not a crime. (I assume you have no memory of going to criminal court for a hearing before a judge). Because civil violations are not criminal convictions, they will not prevent you from getting a police certificate. We have helped many people apply for police certificates after they have been fined, detained, and deported due to civil violations.

      1. Thank you so much, and yes i didn’t go to any criminal court , what is the procedure for (NCC) application and how do i contact further.

          1. I find myself in the same situation mentioned above. I was accused of working illegally (the recruiting company falsified documents without my knowledge) and got detained twice before being deported. Will I be able to get a police certificate indicating that I do not have an arrest or conviction? Also, how long would it take to receive it, if it is possible?

            1. If you were detained and/or fined for an immigration violation, that is not a criminal conviction, so you can still get a China police certificate stating that you have no criminal conviction (wu犯罪记录). Please see the above article for processing times.

  26. My fiancee has lived in 3 different places in Qinghai province. Does she need 3 police certificates or just 1 to apply for a U.S. K-1 visa?

  27. Hi, way back 2010, I lived in China and worked for two years with L visa. Got overstayed, but its unintentional. I was detained for less than a month then sent back to my home country (Philippines). Is there a way I can get a police clearance in connection of my K-1 fiance visa to U.S.A ?

  28. Hi there. I have my police certificate and notarised copy from my two years in Qingdao, but now I need an updated one that has been issued within past six months for my NZ visa application. Is it possible to get an updated one?

  29. Can you help me get a police certificate? I have been teaching in China and need to leave for employment back in the UK.
    What information would you need from me?

  30. My sister worked in China but left last year to move to The US for work. While she was about to leave China she applied for a certificate and obtained one but got it 2 weeks before leaving China. She has since applied for Canadian Immigration and submitted the Chinese police certificate but her application was rejected because of the 2 week discrepancy. Would you be able to help with a new certificate xovering the entire period or any other alternative?

    1. Hi

      I worked for an agency in China from 2014 to 2016. The agency assigned me to work for a private school. The school will not give me a letter confirming my period of employment, as I was technically hired by the agency. Also, I no longer have my temporary residence registration forms. Can you help me get a police certificate I need it for my Australian visa extension.

      1. Jelly: Whether you will need to submit an employer letter or temporary residence registration forms (TRRFs) will depend on which city you resided in. Rules differ from city to city. If those documents are required in your city, then we can ask your employer for the letter and the public security bureau for copies of your TRRFs. Finally, if it turns out that such documents are unobtainable, we can explain that to the Australian immigration authorities and ask that the police certificate be waived on that basis.

  31. Hello, I was wondering if I could obtain
    police certificate based on my previous passport name and number only
    ( I have changed the passport and I don`t have visa information saved )

    1. Lera: Most cities require that you provide a copy of the passport used while in China; others do not. If the city where you resided requires it but you cannot provide it, you can request a waiver of the police certificate requirements on that basis. To find out which strategy is applicable in your case, request a quote from our firm, and we’ll let you know the proposed strategy.

  32. Hi Gary,

    I hope you’re doing well.

    We are still in a pandemic. If I may ask, would you still be able to help me get a China Police Clearance Certificate? and how long would it take now to get it?

    1. Michael: We are continuing to help clients with China police certificate applications. The impact of COVID-19 has been limited. Most noticeably, in some cities, authenticated copies of passports and/or powers of attorney are required, and COVID-19 is impacting agencies abroad involved in the authentication process, such as notaries and Chinese consulates.

  33. How do I contact you for police report please? I want to do one for my stay in china for year 2001-2006. As a student. I had done previously in 2006 but i lost it.

  34. Hi Gary,
    I hope you are doing well!

    I am an Albanian Citizen and I lived as a student in Shanghai for a few years. I have a Certificate saying I studied there and a document proving my behaviour from the local police close to the University and a previous police certificate from 2017.
    What is the process I need to go through and the quote?
    Kind Regards,

  35. Hey, I studied in Xi’an Jiaotong University(Xi’an- Shaanxi Province) from 2010 until 2016, and then I stayed in Xi’an for another 6months on student visa in 2017. Do I need to get 2 separate Police Clearande Certificate or will one be enough? Also due to corona since I cannot travel and my visa has expired I require your service to help me get a PCC on my behalf. What documents are required for that?

  36. Hi: In Guangzhou is it possible to get a police certificate for periods that I did not complete the temporary residence registration process (临时住宿登记) with the police?

  37. Hello: I studied in Xiamen from 1984 to 1985. I am a Filipino citizen applying for a U.S. visa. Can you help with the police certificate even though I lived in China so long ago?

  38. Hi, I am a Canadian citizen, and I worked in China from 2016-2019 on diplomatic visa. Is it possible to obtain a China police certificate? Thanks ~

  39. I have applied for a student visa in Australia and I need to submit the police certificate if they ask for it. I did my master’s from Chengdu, China in 2020. Can you please assist me in this regard?

  40. Hello, I have lived in China for 4 years on Z visa. And my wife lived with me there for period of 9 months on Spouse visa. Currently, we both are in India. We want to get NCRC for Canada immigration. If we use your service, you will require our original Passport or the copy of it will do?

    1. Sid: Whether the original passport is required will depend on the specific police station and/or notary where we need to file the application. For example, in Shanghai, the notary will accept a copy of the passport but some police stations require submission of the original passport (or an authenticated copy).

  41. Hello, the Beijing public security bureau said that they can only issue the police certificate to foreigners who lived in Beijing for 6 months consecutively. If I live in Beijing for 2 months, leave China for 2 weeks and then return to live in Beijing for 4 months, and during this period I am registered to the same address, will I be able to get the police certificate?

    1. Hi Ka-Fai Li: That’s a hard question.

      The Beijing PSB rule is that “境外人员一般应在京连续居住六个月以上” (a foreign national should normally have resided in Beijing continuously for a period of 6 months).

      The term “居住” (reside/residence) normally implies not just staying in a place but making it one’s home, even if a person is sometimes absent from that place. For example, a person who lives in Beijing long-term but stays in a hotel in Hainan for two weeks vacation can be said to have “居住” in Beijing the entire time.

      Practically speaking, in determining whether an applicant qualifies for a police certificate, the PSB will review an individual’s visas/residence permits and temporary residence registration forms. If the these documents give an individual the right to live in Beijing continuously for 6 months, then the PSB isn’t likely to find that a 2-week trip abroad broke the “continuity” of that residence.

      In my opinion, that’s the best interpretation of the Beijing PSB rule. Still, it’s possible that an officer could interpret the term as requiring 6 months continuous physical presence in Beijing.

  42. Hi, I’ve been given a written warning for completing the temporary residence registration late. Does it affect my criminal record or will it be shown on a CNCC? Thanks

    1. Gurk: Failure to properly complete temporary residence registration is an administrative violation, not a crime. So this won’t appear on your criminal record and won’t stop you from getting a CNCC.

  43. When I first came to China, I lived and worked in one city but my employer got for me a temporary residence registration form, work permit, and residence permit for work in a different city. Will this affect my Police clearance?

    1. Hi Mia: While the requirements and procedures to apply for a police certificate vary from city to city, you probably won’t qualify for a police certificate in the city where you lived because most cities require a locally-issued temporary residence registration form (TRRF) and/or residence permit. If you were to retain our firm to help you apply for the police certificate and the police certificate were denied, we would prepare a request to foreign immigration authorities that the police certificate requirement be waived on the basis that the police certificate is unobtainable.

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