President Obama’s Executive Actions on “Immigration Accountability”

Immigration Reform

From the Department of Homeland Security

DHS Secretary Johnson Congressional Testimony: Update on Executive Actions for Immigration Accountability (July 14, 2015):  In November 2014, President Obama announced ten executive actions on “immigration accountability.” While two of them are the subject of litigation, the other eight of them are well underway. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson testified before the House Judiciary Committee on July 14 about the status of the executive actions.

DHS Memos: Recommendations on reforming the broken immigration system through executive action

USCIS, Executive Actions on Immigration

Our Firm’s Analysis

Summary of Obama’s Executive Actions on “Immigration Accountability”: President Obama’s executive actions on immigration reform will be released in the coming days, weeks, and months. Here is a preliminary summary based in part on White House briefings to the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

From the White House

White House Infographic and Fact Sheet on Immigration Reform

Watch Obama Address on Immigration Reform


Dara Lind, Obama’s Huge New Immigration Plan, Explained, Vox (Nov. 21)

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