Shady Chinese Agencies Promoting U.S. Birth Tourism–Part 3: Policy Responses

pregnant (165x200)This three-part series looks at shady Chinese agencies promoting U.S. birth tourism.

Part 1 is an English translation of an investigative report about these agencies by Yicai, a Chinese financial news website. It focuses on the motivations of the intended parents from Mainland China.

Part 2 discusses Hong Kong’s struggle with the problem. A crackdown by Hong Kong on Mainland birth tourists is reportedly increasing the flow to the U.S.

This Part 3 discusses possible U.S. policy responses. Continue reading “Shady Chinese Agencies Promoting U.S. Birth Tourism–Part 3: Policy Responses”

Chinese Turning to American Surrogate Mothers

pregnant-womenChinese couples who are unable to have children are turning to a surprising place for help these days: America. By hiring American surrogates, Chinese couples get around a ban on surrogacy in China. Also, by having a child born abroad, parents skirt the one-child policy and get a U.S. passport for their child. These same factors drive so-called birth tourism. Continue reading “Chinese Turning to American Surrogate Mothers”

Chinese Birth Tourism (Story by Germany’s ARD TV)

ARD TV--Gary ChodorowGermany’s public broadcaster, ARD, has a story on Chinese birth tourism to the U.S. Karin Dohr interviewed attorney Gary Chodorow for the story. Chodorow says that birth tourism can put couples at risk if they misrepresent the  purprose of their visit to the U.S. Consulate when applying for a visa or to U.S. Customs when entering the country: Continue reading “Chinese Birth Tourism (Story by Germany’s ARD TV)”