Chinese Birth Tourism (Story by Germany’s ARD TV)

ARD TV--Gary ChodorowGermany’s public broadcaster, ARD, has a story on Chinese birth tourism to the U.S. Karin Dohr interviewed attorney Gary Chodorow for the story. Chodorow says that birth tourism can put couples at risk if they misrepresent the  purprose of their visit to the U.S. Consulate when applying for a visa or to U.S. Customs when entering the country:

Attorney Gary Chodorow says, “Assume an intending mother tells immigration authorities she’s going to Disneyland for a week but actually stays in the U.S. for four months to give birth and get postpartum care. This misrepresentation may make her permanently ineligible for a U.S. visa. Meanwhile, the U.S. citizen child grows up a foreigner in China. The family must pay for expensive international schools [because the child is not eligible to attend public schools], and the child has no access China’s public health and social insurance systems.”

See the report here (in German).

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