Is This a Thing? Advertising for an Affidavit of Support Joint Sponsor

classifiedsI just came across this classified ad on Craigslist seeking a joint sponsor for the Form I-864, Affidavit of Support:


My income is not enough…. I need someone to co-sign for my mother. Of course I will pay for your services $ 1000. Half with verification of your papers and signing (Form I-864) and other half when she arrives…. I will be the main sponsor, and you do not have to do anything else.

I initially assumed this classified ad was a novel approach to the affidavit of support problem. But then I found immigration lawyer Greg McLawsen’s blog touching on a similar ad:

Affidavit of support co-sponser needed

I know this is a long shot but I have tried everything else, so I have decided to come here to see if I can find someone with a good heart that is willing to help my family…. I work full time and go to school but I still don’t make enough to petition for my husband on my own. Please I beg if you are willing to help and make over 125% of the poverty guideline please contact me.

The petitioner who files a Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, is normally required to also file a Form I-864, Affidavit of Support. (Some exceptions apply). The form must be accompanied by federal individual income tax returns for the most recent 3 years or an explanation of why the sponsor was not legally obligated to file tax returns. To be sufficient, the I-864 must show that the petitioner’s current household income (including the sponsored immigrant) is at least 125% of the Federal poverty guidelines. The policy underlying this requirement is that a sponsor should take responsibility to ensure that the sponsored immigrant doesn’t become a “public charge,” i.e.,  rely on means-tested public benefits like Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

But this I-864 requirement can be a hardship for petitioners with limited means. One strategy is to find a “joint sponsor.” Most often a relative of friend serves as the joint sponsor, as attorney McLawsen points out. But I’m not aware of any law or guidance from the government prohibiting a stranger from acting as an I-864 joint sponsor or a petitioner from paying for this service. Still, exercise extreme caution:

  1. The joint sponsor must be a U.S. citizen, national, or permanent resident, age 18 or older, and domiciled in the United States. He or she must execute a separate Form I-864 and submit tax returns, as mentioned above. He or she must satisfy the income requirements independently. In other words, the petitioner and joint sponsor may not pool their income to arrive at a total that satisfies the income threshold.
  2. Use of a joint sponsor does not relieve the petitioner from the responsibility to meet the sponsorship requirements, file federal income tax returns for the three most recent years (if legally required to do so), and file a Form I-864.
  3. The petitioner has no real way to vet the joint sponsor’s financial documents. For example, if the joint sponsor is running a scam, he or she may have previously sponsored multiple immigrants but falsely claim on the I-864 to have sponsored none. The petitioner can’t independently confirm this (short of a FOIA request with the joint sponsor’s consent). The misrepresentation may be discovered by the government only after the green card is issued, in which case permanent resident status may be rescinded or the immigrant may be subject to removal proceedings.
  4. The I-864 is a binding contract between the joint sponsor and the Federal government. It can be enforced by either the sponsored immigrant or a government agency seeking reimbursement of certain benefits to the sponsored immigrants. A joint sponsor’s obligations last for an indefinite period of time. So a joint sponsor’s potential liability is significant. The amount is also unpredictable, especially if the joint sponsor hasn’t vetted the finances of the petitioner and sponsored immigrant.
  5. The joint sponsor may want to consider entering into agreements with the sponsor and the sponsored immigrant waiving any liability to them and seeking indemnification from them if any government agency seeks reimbursement from the joint sponsor for benefits received by the sponsored immigrant. It’s not clear that such agreements are enforceable, but it may be worth a try.
  6. An immigration official may not give much evidentiary weight to a Form I-864 by a sponsor who is a stranger. Officials can ask about the relationship between the parties. The reasoning for giving a stranger’s Form I-864 little weight would be that despite the legal obligation to support the sponsored immigrant, the sponsor may not be wiling to do so. In short, a stranger’s Form I-864 may not be sufficient to qualify for immigration, in the eyes of some officials.

So, to my surprise, classified ads for a joint sponsor are a “thing.” But proceed, if at all, only after exhausting other options and only with extreme caution.

For more about the Form I-864, see the Affidavit of Support Help Center, where you can read more, ask questions, and consult with an immigration lawyer.






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  1. The Tumbleweed Farm Avatar
    The Tumbleweed Farm

    Interesting. It seems crazy, of course, for someone to enter into such an obligation on behalf of an unrelated individual.

    But this begs a question: If the Congress had written the law in such a way that not only physical persons could be joint sponsors, but corporate entities as well, would that create a legitimate market in sponsorship underwriting? One can imagine that a corporate sponsor may actually be viewed by the government as easier to deal with than an individual – it, presumably, would be required to be a well-capitalized entity, such as an insurance company, and would have its paperwork professionally prepared… (For comparison, think Obamacare: to avoid an income tax surcharge, most Americans are now mandated to buy a health insurance policy from a recognized insurance company; you can’t “self-insure”, nor can you have your uncle write an affidavit promising to pay your hospital bills should you need help with them!)

    i wonder though what the actuarially sound “market rate” for such an affidavit would be. A $1000 one-time payment may not quite cut it – after all, the underwriter would assume a potential huge liability (imagine paying the cost of someone’s welfare benefits for life – e.g., if the beneficiary and primary sponsor become disabled, or just do not want to work, and the beneficiary neither leaves the country, nor naturalizes, nor dies); on the other hand, situations like this are probably fairly rare in real life. Insurers manage to make money on health insurance, car liability insurance, long-term care insurance, and so on, after all; Hertz or Avis manage to rent luxury cars to customers every day, without too many being either totaled or stolen; and there is even such thing as “credit default swap”, whereby a lender can insure debt obligations against the corporate debtor’s default…

  2. Greg McLawsen Avatar

    All I can say is hope that anyone responding to the ad does so with their eyes open. Nice spot on finding this.

  3. Stephanie Shah Avatar
    Stephanie Shah

    I think it’s a great idea because sometimes not even family members are willing to take on the responsibility of being joint sponsors. If you need to get your love one to you and someone is willing to help, I don’t think there is anything wrong with paying for their help.

  4. Syed Mohsin Avatar
    Syed Mohsin

    I need sponsorship

    1. Hannanh Nguyen Avatar
      Hannanh Nguyen

      I’m looking for joint sponsor for my adjustment of Status. My husband doesn’t make enough to sponsor me. I’ ve been asking around for help but still got no luck at all. I live in Florida, if someone here is willing to help, please contact me at Thanks

  5. eric Avatar

    I’m looking for joint sponsor for my wife, so far with no luck. If someone here is willing to help, please contact me at, and I will fill you in on the details. Thanks.

  6. Ivelina Neycheva Avatar
    Ivelina Neycheva

    I am looking for joint sponsor for my husband’s adjustment of status. If someone is willing to help please contact me at
    Thank you!

  7. muller Avatar

    i’m looking for a joint sponsor if someone is willing to help email me at:

  8. Julia Avatar

    Same situation here. Looking for the joint sponsor for myself. I am a grad student my husband is orphan. No family members to ask for. If anyone willing to help me?

  9. Mridul Avatar

    I need a joint sponsor as well. My case is at nvc but now we r stuck here. I love my wife a lot and we can’t live separately. Will do needful if someone helps.

  10. Arbaz Avatar

    Hi , I am looking for sponsor I tried my best but failed , if any one who can sponsor , I am ready and in return they get $ for helping , .
    Thank you

  11. Ana Avatar

    I need to find a joint sponser for my husband I tried everything we are desperate if anyone is out there that can help my email is

  12. Anson H. Ng Avatar

    I am a U.S. citizen living in Hong Kong now. I want to petition my wife and step-daughter for immigrant visas. The U.S. Consul here demands joint sponsor of affidavit of support. Will pay a fee. email address:

  13. kwans Avatar

    we’re looking for a co-sponsor as we are recent colleague grads. Email me if you’re willing to help and we’ll pay for your compensations!

  14. Richard Owolabi Oyetunji Avatar
    Richard Owolabi Oyetunji

    USCIS mailed me a request for initial evidence and put my application on hold because my spouse is not able to meet the poverty guideline.
    I would definitely be glad if I can find a joint sponsor.
    I’m having few more weeks before the deadline for responding to the request
    you can contact me on
    I would so much appreciate

  15. Tuya Avatar

    Please help us. I am trying to sponsor my daughter with her baby. We need joint sponsor as our previous joint sponsor passed away. Her interview is in August. Help

  16. Anson Hon Yeung Ng Avatar
    Anson Hon Yeung Ng

    Urgently need a joint sponsor for my wife and step-daughter. All other visa conditions have been cleared by the U.S. Consul here. Will pay a fee. And build karma for your own self extending help to others at the same time . Good deeds will come back to yourself.

  17. Uday Avatar

    Hi need a joint sponsor since my petitioner is a USC daughter who is a student and has no income. Please respond with your gesture of help to email

  18. Glenn Avatar

    I am also looking for a sponsor and i can not live with out my wife can anyone help i am at

  19. Krystal Avatar

    I too am in need of a joint sponsor for my husband. He has been to the consulate interview and has passed all other requirements. My plea for help from the few family members and friends that I have has not countered well. May God bless those who are humane and have heart.

  20. Kandie Avatar

    I’m in need of a sponsor, I’ve had 3 strokes and I really need my husband here with me my lawyer said he can work soon he gets here. I’m not trying to use anyone. My husband is a auto mechanic who ever does this for us he will keep your car fixed for no charge, that’s his appreciation for you helping us…

    1. Narciso Dela Cruz Avatar
      Narciso Dela Cruz

      I’m urgently looking for joint sponsor for my sister in the Philippines . Anyone who have a good heart please contact me on my email, I can pay the services thank you & God bless.

  21. Sarah Avatar

    I’m looking for joint sponsor for my 2 little kids, so far with no luck. If someone here is willing to help, please contact me , I can pay for such services as well.
    . Thanks.

  22. Hisham Avatar

    Urgently need a joint sponsor for my wife and my two kids

  23. Wei Cui Avatar
    Wei Cui

    My situation is complicated. My husband’s dad is supposed to be my joint sponsor, but he took forever to get everything done for me. I know I sound like a spoiled brat, but I think he did this on purpose. I had been waiting for his response for 7 months straight. I submitted my application to USCIS two months ago, and now they have sent me a letter requesting more evidence. I feel so sorry or scared to ask him again, and I only have 87 days until the USCIS deadline. I really need some help! I will pay you I promise!

    1. Joe E Avatar
      Joe E

      I can help. Please contact me at

  24. Alnoor Avatar

    I need a joint sponsor
    email :

  25. Fahad Avatar

    I am looking for joint sponsor for my wife. If anyone can help I will pay $1200. It’s very urgent. Email:

  26. Rozaliya Avatar

    I’m in desperate need of joint sponsor for my husband. I know this may seem as asking for alot but indeed it really is all on paper my income is low however my parents are well off. My case is complicated because my parents and i waited 13 years sister to be able to come so they just sponsored her and we are awaiting on her and my baby nephew however i so happened to get in love last year and now even my parents cant help 🙁 hope someone has the heart to help out i assure for no trouble further. Email ne please: god bless

  27. Andrey Avatar

    Hi! I really need a joint sponsor right now. I received a request for evidence notice saying that i have 30 days to submit a new affidavit of support because the one submitted had expired. My spouse’s father filled out and sent his tax information and affidavit of support, but USCIS took almost 2 years to process the case so the affidavit and tax information are currently outdated. Both me and my spouse are unemployed although we have been employed and have our joint tax returns for the past years of our life together. In case someone agrees to help us out I will generously pay for the assistance in such an urgent situation. Please, email

  28. Natalee Avatar

    Hi am in urgent need of a joint sponsor for me an my little girl my husband was not able to meet the poverty guideline and now we are stuck at the processing .please if there is anyone here thats willing to help us out we will be most appreciative and we can assure you there will be no problems…. email me at nataleerodgers03@gmail….

  29. Elizabeth Avatar

    Im urgently needing a joint Sponsor for my husband. I am currently working and will pay for your help. Email me @

  30. deb Avatar

    i need a joint sponsor for my wife, i got laid of and my family is in asia and my dad past away who was in the green beret and i was able to come to the u.s by a NGO helping ameriasians to come in the u.s. i really need a sponsor pls. help

  31. marwa Avatar

    hello I need a joint sponsor
    my petitioner is not capable anymore to sponsor me

  32. Baptiste Avatar

    Me and my girlfriend can’t make our way together because she is a student in Manhattan and does not have income
    Please contact me if you can help us.

  33. Eve Avatar

    I am looking for joint sponsor for my mom. If anyone can help I will pay $1500. My email

  34. Ruth Avatar

    Hello, I need help as well. I been in the United States just last 25th of July 2019. My husband and I got married August 9th 2019. My husband income doesn’t meet the poverty line. We need a joint sponsor. Hopefully someone can help me so I can apply my adjustment of status. 😌 You can contact me at my email

    Thank you

  35. PAP Avatar

    If anyone is looking for a sponsor, please contact me at

  36. Samantha Avatar

    Hello I am also looking for a joint sponsor, I’m a UK citizen with 4 children, my spouse is a US citizen who earns enough to sponsor me alone but unfortunately doesn’t earn enough for the poverty guideline for 4 children which is ridiculous, I have tried every means possible to find us a join sponsor, I’m at a loss on what to do, if we don’t find one we are looking to have to wait until my children have all grown up in 10-15 years, it absolutely breaks my heart to think we have to wait that long, I am willing to pay a fee of £1000, please if anyone could help I would be so grateful, thank you

  37. SM Avatar

    I am an employed US veteran who is in urgent need of a joint sponsor for my wife.
    I need a joint sponsor because I lived out of the country for the past 3 years and didn’t file US taxes.
    If you meet the below qualifications and are willing to help immediately, I will pay you $2,500.
    I will not view or receive any of your personal documents. My lawyer, who is based in New York, will manage and facilitate the entire process.
    This comment is 100% legit and scam free. Serious inquiries only.

    If you are able to retrieve the below documents and meet the below qualifications, email me at:

    Once you email me, I will give you my personal number so we can discuss further details.

    Joint Sponsor Qualifications:

    1.) The financial sponsor must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. green card holder, at least 18 years old, and living in the United States.

    2.) The financial sponsor must have an annual income that is at least 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, which means the joint sponsor must
    earn at least $21,000 a year. The more people you claim as your dependent, the higher your income will need to be to meet the requirements.

    3.) Copies of the last three (3) Income Tax Returns (2019, 2018 and 2017)

    4.) Evidence of U.S. citizenship (copy of birth certificate or U.S. Passport Biographic Page)

    5.) Copies of most recent pay stubs, at least three(3)

    6.) Letter of Employment

    Here’s a quick definition for a joint sponsor:

    Joint Sponsor – The person that is willing to financially sponsor someone, will have to sign an affidavit of support, and by doing this, you will accept financial responsibility for the person.

    [IMPORTANT NOTICE: My wife has a good financial background and she doesn’t come from a poor family.]

  38. Martina Avatar


    I need a joint sponsor

  39. Ana Avatar

    I need a co- sponsor for my husband I am an American citizen but since i am not working i need a co sponsor for my husband

  40. Christine Avatar

    Hello, as many before I am also in need of anyone with a good heart willing to be my joint sponsor. My husband and I are both students. My family can’t support me because they aren’t permanent residents, and my husband’s family does not make enough on their own and have to support the other children. I have run out of people to ask for help. I have lived in Florida for most of my life and would appreciate any help anyone has to offer to be able to stay here with the people I love. Please email me at with any help or questions. thank you.

  41. Alaa Al Dawyma Avatar

    Hello my name is Alaa and I am married for almost 3 years now and I have a 1 year and 9 months son who hasn’t yet even seen or touched his father yet ☹️And I’ve been looking for a joint sponsor for over a year now and I have begged everyone big or small and no one is willing to help either because they don’t know us or don’t have enough income ( note: I really don’t know many people here and it’s hard) if youre willing to help I’ll pay you $1000 and my husband is a barber and your cut will be for free everytime I promise contact me at 4147950515 or email me at

    1. Robina Avatar

      Hi Alaa, have you found a joint sponsor?

  42. Alaa Al Dawayma Avatar
    Alaa Al Dawayma

    Sadly I haven’t 🙁

  43. Ark A Avatar
    Ark A

    My partner and I are in desperate need of a joint sponsor. I am a graduate student and don’t have the income sadly. If anyone can help please email

  44. Rick C Avatar
    Rick C

    Hi, I need a joint sponsor for my wife. I’m willing to pay $1000 for your help. I have lawyer doing all paperwork. If interested please contact me at

  45. Dam Avatar

    Hello, I’m in need of a joint sponsor. Please contact me at

  46. javad Avatar

    Hello, I’m in need of a joint sponsor for my wife, I’m a full-time graduate student which is why I am not eligible alone. please contact me if you can help

  47. Jonathan Dar Avatar

    My wife and I are in the same boat waiting to submit her green card application but know we will need a joint sponsor. So, we are very reluctant to do so until we find someone up for the task. We have asked family, friends and have had absolutely no luck. We’re willing to pay anyone who’s willing a fair price as well as potentially make a legal contract stating we will reimburse them for any future unlikely events where the financial responsibility the joint sponsor has would apply to. We really need help, we just had our first daughter in June, and cannot risk my wife being deported soon if we can’t find anyone. 
    If you have any useful information about this at all, even if you yourself cannot be a joint sponsor for us, we would REALLY appreciate it and like I said, we can compensate the person who can do this as we are in desperate need right now. Thank you if you took the time to read and I really hope you will reach out with something helpful if you can. God bless,
    Jonathan Dar – 720-930-5568Ravit Dar – 720-917-5328

  48. Gurol Avatar

    Hello I need a joint sponsor for my application please someone can reach me out

  49. Liss Avatar

    We too desperately are in need of a joint sponsor. Willing to pay, someone please help.

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