AmCham China 2017 White Paper: Visa Policy

AmCham China just published its 2017 White Paper on American Business in China. “With uncertainty stemming from political and economic transitions in both the US and China, perceptions of a deteriorating investment environment for foreign companies in China, and a slowing economy, 2017 will likely be one of the most challenging years in decades for U.S. companies in China,” it says. The Visa policy chapter focuses on:

  • Recent Developments: Chinese Visas:
    • New national policy for foreign work permit applications
      • Integrating two permits into one
      • Categorization of experts
      • Score-based assessment
      • Application requirements for each category
      • SAFEA’s online application system
    • Five-year work permit pilot program
    • Permanent residence
    • Simplified temporary residence permit application procedures
    • E-channel at ports of entry
  • Ongoing Regulatory Challenges: China Visas:
    • Visa on arrival
    • Older workers  and new graduates
    • Certificates of no criminal conviction for foreigners who have resided in China
    • Residence permit processing times
    • Visa conversion
  • Recent Developments: U.S. Visas:
    • Electronic visa update system
    • Entrepreneurs and investors
  • Ongoing Regulatory Challenges: U.S. Visas:
    • Discriminatory per-country caps on employment-based green cards
    • Inadequate annual H-1B visa cap
    • Controlling nonimmigrant visa appointment wait times in China
    • User-friendly nonimmigrant visa application form
    • Barriers to permanent residents taking assignments abroad

The White Paper reflects the collective views of AmCham China’s more than 1,000 member companies on trade and commercial issues that affect the U.S. business community in China.

It was a pleasure to this year again participate in the drafting process for the Visa Policy chapter.

Other parts of the White Paper that touch on visa issues include the chapter on Civil Aviation, Education, Legal Services, Media and Entertainment, Chengdu, Chongqing, and Shanghai.

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