Biden Revokes Trump’s Health Insurance Requirement for Immigrant Visa Applicants

On May 14, President Biden revoked former President Trump’s proclamation requiring that immigrant visa applicants buy health insurance.

Proclamation 9945 had never gone into effect because it was tied up in litigation. Plaintiffs in Doe vs. Trump that the proclamation was an unlawful exercise of power reserved for Congress. It would have required immigrant visa applicants to buy health insurance from a narrower range of plans than available to permanent residents and citizens of the United States. Essentially, the proclamation was simply an attempt to impose costs that would reduce immigration.

President Biden’s revocation declared that the proclamation did not advance the interests of the United States by requiring visa applicants to purchase health insurance coverage “from a restrictive list of qualifying plans.” The result is that new immigrants now have the option to purchase subsidized plans from the health insurance marketplace on the same basis as other permanent residents and citizens.

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