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Feb. 4 Update: Trump Bans Entry of Noncitizens Present in China During Prior 2 Weeks

President Trump has issued a Jan. 31 proclamation barring entry to the U.S. of noncitizens present in China during the two weeks prior to attempting to enter the U.S. CBP has issued a Feb. 4 Notification of Arrival Restrictions Applicable to Flights Carrying Persons Who Have Recently Traveled from or Were Otherwise Present Within the…

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I-130s No Longer Accepted by USCIS International Offices

USCIS will no longer accept and adjudicate Forms I-130, Petitions for Alien Relatives, at its international field offices.[1] The announcement was made Jan. 31 and effective the following day. This follows a period beginning Mar. 2019 when USCIS began to close most of its international offices. Still, the Trump administration should be graded “F” for failure…