The Importance of A-Files

Borderless Magazine recently ran an informative story about “A-files” and the importance of a filing a request under FOIA (the Freedom of Information Act) to USCIS for copies of one’s A-file. A-files contain records of all interactions between a noncitizen and immigration agencies and officers. This includes copies of previously filed applications and petitions. This… Continue reading The Importance of A-Files

Who Automatically Acquires Chinese Citizenship at Birth?

This table summarizes who is automatically a Chinese citizen at birth according to the Nationality Law: Place of Child’s Birth Citizenship of Parents Citizenship of Child Source of Law China One or both is Chinese Chinese Nationality Law, article 4 “ Both parents are:(a) stateless or uncertain nationality; and (b) have settled (定居) in China. Chinese Nationality… Continue reading Who Automatically Acquires Chinese Citizenship at Birth?