Who Automatically Acquires Chinese Citizenship at Birth?

This table summarizes who is automatically a Chinese citizen at birth according to the Nationality Law:

Place of Child’s BirthCitizenship of ParentsCitizenship of ChildSource of Law
ChinaOne or both is ChineseChineseNationality Law, article 4
Both parents are:
(a) stateless or uncertain nationality; and (b) have settled (定居) in China.
ChineseNationality Law, article 6
Neither is ChineseForeign
Abroad(a) One or both parents is Chinese and has settled (定居) abroad; and (b) the child has acquired foreign citizenship at birth.ForeignNationality Law, article 5
(a) At least one parent is Chinese; and
(b) Either:  (1) no Chinese parent has settled abroad; or (2) the child has not acquired foreign citizenship at birth.
ChineseNationality Law, article 5

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