Translation: Opinion on Strengthening the Administration of Permanent Residency Services for Foreigners

CN-Eng translationOn Feb. 18, 2016, the General offices of the CCP Central Committee and the State Council published the below Opinion. The unofficial English translation is from Chodorow Law Offices.

中共中央办公厅 国务院办公厅印发《关于加强外国人永久居留服务管理的意见》 Opinion on Strengthening the Administration of Permanent   Residency Services for Foreigners

新华社北京2月18日电 近日,中共中央办公厅、国务院办公厅印发了《关于加强外国人永久居留服务管理的意见》,并发出通知,要求各地区各部门结合实际认真贯彻执行。



Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, announced on February 18 – Recently, the General Offices of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and the State Council published an “Opinion on Strengthening the Administration of Permanent Residency Services for Foreigners” and distributed notices calling for all regions and departments to conscientiously implement the Opinion.

The major elements of the Opinion on Strengthening the Administration of Permanent Residency Services for Foreigners are set forth below.

In order to serve our nation’s economic and social development situation as a whole, according to the overall requirements for deepening the reform comprehensively, the following Opinion is brought forth in connection with strengthening the Administration of Permanent Residency Services for Foreigners.

一、重要意义、总体要求和基本原则 I. The significance, overall requirements and basic principles
1.重要意义。当前,我国已进入全面建成小康社会决胜阶段。随着国家综合实力和国际人才竞争加剧,迫切需要以更加积极主动、开放自信、灵活务实的态度,创造更为良好的对外开放环境。外国人永久居留制度是吸引和服务外国人来华创业投资、工作生活的重要手段。我国外国人永久居留制度实施以来,在服务国家人才战略、吸引海外投资、涵养侨务资源等方面发挥了重要作用,但同时仍存在申请条件设置不够合理、签发对象偏窄、待遇落实不到位等问题。进一步加强和改进外国人永久居留服务管理工作,对于新形势下落实人才强国战略、促进经济社会发展、增强国家吸引力、构建和谐社会具有十分重要的意义。 1. Significance. At present, China has already entered the victorious phase of comprehensively building a middle class society. With our overall national strength and competitiveness of global talent becoming fiercer, it is imperative that a more proactive, open and confident, flexible and practical attitude should be taken in order to create a better opening-to-the-outside environment. The Permanent Residency for Foreigners system is an important measure to attract and serve foreigners who invest, work and live in China. Since the implementation of the system of the permanent residency for foreigners, it has played an important role in serving the national talent strategy, attracting overseas investment, and conserving overseas Chinese resources. However, there are still some problems about the system such as unreasonable application requirements, limited applicants, and inadequate implementation of benefits. Under our new situation, in order to further strengthen and improve the Administration of Permanent Residency Services for Foreigners system, it is significant to implement the strategy of Reinvigorating China with Talented People, to boost economic and social development, to enhance national attractiveness and to build a harmonious society.
2.总体要求。全面贯彻党的十八大和十八届三中、四中、五中全会精神,以邓小平理论、“三个代表”重要思想、科学发展观为指导,深入贯彻习近平总书记系列重要讲话精神,牢固树立创新、协调、绿色、开放、共享的发展理念,坚持聚天下英才而用之的战略目标,实行更加积极有效的外国人永久居留服务管理政策,进一步理顺体制机制,健全政策法规,优化申请条件,简化工作流程,落实资格待遇,加强日常管理,形成更为科学合理、开放务实的外国人永久居留服务管理工作格局。  2. Overall requirements. We should fully act on the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, and the 3rd, 4th & 5th Plenary Sessions of the 18th CPC National Congress and on the spirit of the series of important speeches delivered by Secretary General Xi Jinping with the guidance of the Important Thoughts of Three Represents and scientific outlook on development. We should firmly establish the ideas of development on innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing and adhere to the strategic objective of “Attracting and Using Talents from All Over the World”. We should implement more proactive and effective policies on Administration of Permanent Residency Services for Foreigners, further improve systems and mechanisms, upgrade policies and regulations, optimize application requirements, simplify work processes and accord eligible foreigners with full benefits. We strengthen routine administration and form a more scientific, reasonable, and open and practical work structure of the Administration of Permanent Residency Services for Foreigners.






 3. Basic principles

      • —-Opening wider to the outside world in light of China’s conditions. With a global and forward-looking vision and a bearing of “all rivers run into the sea”, we should base ourselves on national conditions, fully draw on the experience of the beneficial approach from various countries, implement a more open and confident permanent residency policy, so as to serve and promote opening-up policies in a wider scope.

——Combine planning with market. Focus on the national talent strategy and highlight talents with extraordinary, exceptional, top-notch and shortage abilities. Establish a market- oriented talent identification mechanism on the basis of actively serving major talent-introduction programs. Reduce requirements for permanent residency applications of talented foreigners in order to attract and accumulate more talents.

—–Combine service with administration. We should speed up the improvement of relevant laws and other supporting regulations and establish a system of Administration of Permanent Residency Services for Foreigners, which features unification of rights and obligations, equal importance attached to services and administration and combination of exit and admission. We should strengthen the implementation of the system, continually improve the quality of services and effectively maintain national security.

—-Combine national demands with social demands. Adhere to demand-orientation guidance by reflecting requirements of both notional and social development, so as to facilitate the application of permanent residency by talented foreigners, investors and outstanding contributors. We should reasonably satisfy the needs of the foreigners whose applications of permanent residency are based on the purpose of family reunion and effectively implement policies regarding benefits of foreigners who has been granted permanent residency.

二、完善永久居留服务管理体制机制 II. Improve the system and mechanism for the Administration of Permanent Residency Services
4.整合管理体制。坚持统一管理、权责一致,调整和理顺政府相关部门职能分工,加强外国人永久居留服务管理职能整合,进一步完善国家移民管理机构设置和职责配置,统一承担制定永久居留政策、实施受理审批和开展日常服务管理等职能。  4. Integrate management systems. We should persist in the management under a unified planning and the integration of powers and responsibilities, adjust and improve the assignment of functions to relevant government departments. We should strengthen function integration of the Administration of Permanent Residency Services, further improve the organizational set-up and power allocation for China’s immigration services. Relevant authorities should jointly take the responsibilities of making permanent residency policies, receiving applications, examination and approval and daily service administration.
5.建立统筹协调机制。建立由外国人永久居留审批管理部门牵头、有关部门参与的永久居留服务管理工作协调机制,加强政策衔接,会商解决重大问题,协调抓好工作落实。建立永久居留政策专家咨询机制,借助各类智库资源开展调查研究。  5. Establish a coordinated mechanism under a unified planning. We should establish a coordinated mechanism for the administration of Permanent Residency Services which is initiated by the approval authority of Permanent Residency and participated by other relevant departments. We should form a strengthened connecting link between the preceding and the following policies by jointly consulting solutions to major problems and coordinating the implementation of the policies. We establish an expert-consultation mechanism for policies regarding Permanent Residency and make use of various think tanks to carry out investigations and researches.
6.推进法治化建设。加快制定外国人永久居留服务管理条例、外国人在中国工作管理条例等行政法规和配套规范性文件,建立统一规范、重点突出、相互衔接的法律法规制度,为外国人永久居留服务管理提供法治保障。  6. Press ahead with the building of legal systems. Accelerate the establishment of administrative statutes and regulatory supporting documents, including Regulations on Administration of Permanent Residency Services for Foreigners, Regulations on Administration of Foreigners Working in China. We should establish a legal system that is uniformly standardized with highlighted emphasis and interlinked elements, providing legal grounds for the Administration of Permanent Residency Services for Foreigners.
三、设定灵活务实的永久居留申请条件  III. Set up flexible and practical application requirements for permanent residency
7.积极服务政府引进外国高层次人才工作。实施重点引才计划备案制度,稳步扩大、动态调整重点引才项目备案范围,为外国高层次人才申请永久居留开辟绿色通道。建立人才签证与永久居留衔接机制,对国家“千人计划”等纳入重点引才计划备案项目的人选申请永久居留的,予以优先办理。  7. To proactively support the Government’s work of bringing in high-level foreign talents. Implement a record filing system for key talents introduction program and steadily expand and dynamically adjust the scope of the record filing for major talent introduction programs, providing a green channel for the application of permanent residency filed by high-level foreign talents. We should form a connecting link between the visa application of talents and their permanent residency and give priority to candidates who are selected by the “Thousand Talent Program” and other programs incorporated into the record filing scope for the introduction of key talents.
8.推动建立以市场为导向的人才永久居留申请标准。结合社会管理需要,积极发挥市场在外国人才和智力资源配置中的主体作用,挂钩工资、税收和社会信用等市场评价要素,探索计点积分制等评价机制,建立服务国家发展战略、反映市场需求、条件简明量化的人才申请永久居留指标评价体系,为国家需要、市场认可的人才申请永久居留提供便利通道。  8. Promote the establishment of market-oriented application requirement for permanent residence filed by talented personnel. We should give play to the functions of the market as the major body in terms of allocating foreign talents and intellectual resources by means of salaries, taxes, social credibility and other elements of market evaluation. We should explore other evaluation systems such as points-based system and establish an index evaluation system for the application, which serves the strategy of national development, reflect market demands and features simplified and quantified requirements and provide a convenient channel for talents needed by China and the market.
9.完善外国人从工作居留向永久居留的转换机制。根据经济社会发展需要,调整在华工作人员申请永久居留门槛,扩大聘雇单位类型范围,取消职务级别限制,放宽居住时限要求。对在国家重点支持的行业和领域工作的外国人,畅通从工作居留向永久居留的转换机制。放宽外国优秀留学生在华工作限制,为其毕业后在中国境内工作和申请永久居留提供渠道。  9. Improve the transition mechanism for foreigners changing from temporary working residency to permanent residency. According to the requirements of economic and social development, we should adjust the requirements for applying permanent residency by foreigners working in China by adding categories of eligible employers, removing restrictions on position and rank and reducing regulations on time limit of residence. We should keep a smooth transition mechanism from temporary working residency to permanent residency for foreigners who work in industries and areas that receive major support from the Government and loosen up the restrictions placed on excellent international students working in China, providing them with channels to work within Chinese territory and apply for permanent residency after graduation.
10.调整来华投资外国人申请永久居留条件。实施积极的投资移民政策,结合经济发展的阶段性和地域性特征,丰富评估要素,灵活调整投资年限、数额、方式等申请标准,大力吸引外国人来华投资。  10. Adjust requirements of permanent residency application filed by foreign investors in China. Implement proactive immigrant policy based on investment and, according to periodical and regional characteristics, diversify evaluation elements and adjust application criterion such as terms, values and types of investment so as to attract more foreign investment.
11.为外籍突出贡献人员申请永久居留提供便利。进一步拓宽突出贡献人员范围、丰富推荐方式、简化申请手续、缩短审批时限,倡导和鼓励外国友人为促进我国教育、科技、文化、卫生、体育、公益等事业发展作出贡献,为增进中外友好、维护世界和平、促进共同发展和弘扬社会主义核心价值观作出表率。  11. To facilitate applications of permanent residence by foreigners who have made outstanding contributions. We should further expand the scope of outstanding contributions, add new methods for recommendations, simplify formalities and shorten the time for examination and approval. We should guide and encourage foreign friends to contribute to the development of education, science and technology, culture, medical care, sports, public ware, etc. and take the lead in strengthening the Chinese-foreign friendly ties, safeguard global peace, promote common development and carry forward the core values of China’s socialism.
12.积极回应家庭团聚人员永久居留的合理需求。扩大家庭团聚人员申请永久居留类型,放宽居留年限要求,对长期在华居住、曾具有中国国籍的人员提供申请永久居留的渠道。根据经济社会发展容纳能力,研究引入定额审批制度,实现人员数量合理调配。  12. Proactively respond to the reasonable needs of permanent residency for family-reunion purposes. We should add more types of family-based permanent residency and extend the length of residency, providing a channel of applications for those who has resided China for a long time and those who used to possess Chinese citizenship. We should, according to the capacity of social and economic development, learn to introduce quota systems in order to achieve reasonable adjustment of the number of immigrants.
四、进一步规范和优化永久居留受理审批程序  IV. Further standardize and optimize procedures for filing, examination and approval of permanent residency applications
13.建立统一的信息发布机制。外国人永久居留审批管理部门负责统一发布外国人永久居留政策规定和相关信息,及时、准确公开永久居留申请条件、办理程序,方便社会公众查询。  13. Establish a unified mechanism for information release. The examination and approval authority of Permanent Residency Services for Foreigners is responsible for publishing policies, regulations and other relative information in respect of permanent residency of foreigners. It should promptly and accurately publish requirements and procedures regarding the application of permanent residency, making it convenient for people to find such information.
14.优化受理审批流程。进一步减少审批制证流转环节,提高受理审批效率。对高层次人才和突出贡献人员申请永久居留的,简化申请材料、缩短审批时限。  14. Optimize the procedures of filing and approval. Further reduce procedures for examination and approval and permit issuance. In handling applications of permanent residency filed by foreign high-level talents and outstanding contributors, we should simplify application materials and shorten the time for examination and approval.
15.完善核查措施。相关部门应当做好外国高层次人才引进计划备案和外国人在华投资领域及外国人在华工作指导目录制定、调整等工作的沟通衔接,加快信息核查反馈速度。  15. Improve verification measures. Relevant authorities should do well in filing records of high-level talent introduction programs and conduct effective communication in making and adjusting Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreigners Working and Investing in China. Accelerate the process for information verification and feedback.
五、明确和落实永久居留资格待遇  V. Specify the benefits granted to permanent residency and ensure the implementation of benefit policies.
16.明确外国人永久居留证功能作用。永久居留证是外国人在中国境内居留的身份证件,可以单独使用。外国人可持证在中国境内办理金融、教育、医疗、交通、通信、就业和社会保险、财产登记、诉讼等事务。持证人在中国居留期限不受限制,可以凭本人护照和永久居留证出境入境。  16. Specify the functions of Foreigner Permanent Residence Permit. The Permanent Residency Permit is the identification document for foreigners residing in China, which is an effective ID by itself. with such permit, holders may enjoy such services as finance, education, medical care, transportation, telecommunication, employment, social insurance, property registration, litigation, etc. The time of residence of a permit holder is unlimited and the holder may exit and enter China with a passport and a Permanent Residence Permit.
17.完善工作生活相关待遇。永久居留外国人在中国境内工作免办外国人工作许可,可按规定参加技术职务任职资格和职业资格考试;在购房、办理金融业务、申领驾照、子女入学、交通出行、住宿登记等方面依法享受中国公民同等待遇;在中国境内工作的,依法参加相应社会保险,缴存和使用公积金;在中国境内居住但未工作,且符合统筹地区规定的,可参照国内城乡居民参加居住地城镇居民基本医疗保险和城乡居民基本养老保险,享受社会保险待遇;在海关通关时,携带的自用物品按照海关规定办理相关手续。  17. Improve work and living benefits. Foreigners with Permanent Residency Permit are exempt from applying for f Work Certification. Such foreigners may, in compliance with regulations, participate in the qualification examinations for technical positions and professional qualification examinations. According to the law, they are entitled to the same treatment accorded to Chinese citizens in terms of house purchase, financial services, applications of driver license, school admission of their children, transportation, traveling, housing registration, etc. Foreigners who work within Chinese territory should buy social insurance accordingly and deposit and use the Provident Fund. If a foreigner resides within Chinese territory but fail to work and meet regional requirements under the unified planning, he or she may apply for the Basic Medical Insurance for Urban Residents and the Basic Old-age Insurance for Urban and Rural Residents with reference to other domestic urban and rural residents. Such foreigners are entitled to the social insurance benefits. They should, in accordance with customs regulations, go through relevant procedures to declare their carry-on personal belongings when entering the port of customs.
18.落实资格待遇。有关部门应当明确本部门职责范围内永久居留外国人享有国民待遇的事项范围,并对外公布。推动外国人永久居留资格待遇规定入法,强化其法律效力。各地区各有关部门应当将永久居留外国人资格待遇纳入政策范围,制定相应配套措施并加强实施监督,推动政策落地。  18. Implement benefit policies. The relevant authorities should specify the matters falling within their own authority and related to the benefits of foreign permanent resident and publish the benefits. We should push ahead with incorporating into laws the regulations on qualified benefits granted to foreign permanent resident, in order to strengthen their legal effect. Relevant authorities across the country should incorporate qualified benefits granted to foreign permanent residents as part of their policy scope. Authorities should find supporting measures and tighten the supervision over the implementation, so as to carry out policies in practice.
六、加强日常服务管理  VI. Strengthen the administration of routine services
19.促进社会融入。地方各级政府应当将永久居留外国人纳入常住人口服务管理体系,建立政府主导、部门联动、社会参与的永久居留外国人融入服务模式,根据实际情况提供语言培训、就业服务、法律服务等社会融入服务,帮助永久居留外国人更快更好融入中国社会。  19. Promote social integration. Local governments at all levels should incorporate the Administration of Foreign Permanent Residents into the Administration System of Resident Population Services and establish a service model for permanent foreign residents adapting themselves to China, which features governmental guidance, inter-linked departments and social participation. According to the actual situation, local governments should provide language training programs, employment services, legal services and other social services in order to help permanent foreign residents to better adapt themselves to China’s society.
20.加强社会服务。引导和规范外国人所在单位、社会中介机构和法律服务机构依法为外国人申请永久居留和在华工作、生活提供社会服务。依托外国人才公共服务体系,设立服务窗口,提供一站式服务,协调做好政府引进人才认定、待遇落实等工作。  20. Strengthen social services. Guide and regulate companies, social agencies and legal service organizations where foreigners are involved, so that social services such as applications of permanent residency and work permits are provided according to the law. By using the Public Service System for Foreign Talents, we should set up service windows, provide one-stop services and do well in the verification of talents introduced by the government and the implementation of benefits.
21.完善日常管理。结合信用体系建设,加强对永久居留外国人在华工作、学习、纳税、参加社会保险等情况的管理,引导永久居留外国人遵守中国法律、尊重社会风俗。  21. Improve routine administration. With the help of credit system, we should strengthen the administration of permanent foreign resident with respect to employment, study, taxation and social insurance. Guid permanent foreign residents to comply with Chinese laws and respect Chinese social custom.
22.健全退出机制。完善取消永久居留资格的情形和程序,对危害我国国家安全和利益、被处驱逐出境、弄虚作假骗取永久居留资格、在中国境内居留未达到规定时限,以及被人才引进部门终止引进等不适宜在中国境内永久居留的外国人,应当依法取消其永久居留资格,并在规定期限内限制其再次申请永久居留资格。  22. Improve the mechanism for abandonment of permanent residency. Better outline circumstances and procedures for the abandonment of permanent residency. For foreigners who pose a threat to China’s national security and interests, are expelled from China, seek permanent residency by practicing fraud, do not stay in China for a required time limit and was denied introduction by foreign talent introduction authority in China and foreigners who are ineligible for permanent residency, their permanent residency status should be removed according to law and their re-application of permanent residency should be restricted for a specific period.
七、提高永久居留服务管理保障水平  VII. Increase security level of the Administration of Permanent Residency Services
23.加强组织领导。地方各级党委和政府及相关部门要充分认识外国人永久居留服务管理工作的重要意义,将其列入重要议事日程,进一步统一思想,明确任务,精心组织,因地制宜制定具体实施意见,提出操作性强的措施要求,确保各项政策落地见效。  23. Strengthen organizational leadership. Local party committees and governments at all levels should be fully aware of the significance of the Administration of Permanent Resident Services, which should be given priority on the agenda list. We should further unify our thoughts, specify our tasks and carefully organize. We should give specific advice on implementation according to actual situation, set up implementation requirements which is more likely to be met and ensure the implementation of policies in practice.
24.加强专业队伍建设。根据外国人永久居留服务管理形势任务的发展变化,加大外国人永久居留受理、审批和服务管理的专业队伍力度,加强和充实力量,提高素质,进一步提高服务管理专业化水平。  24. Strengthen the recruitment of professional teams. As the situation and tasks related to Administration of Permanent Residency Services changes, we should recruit teams that are more professionally competent in filing, examination and approval and service administration. More efforts should be taken to improve quality in order to uplift the professional level of service administration.
25.加强信息化保障。由公安部牵头建立外国人永久居留服务管理信息平台,实现与外交、发展改革、综治、教育、科技、人力资源社会保障、外专、住房城乡建设、金融、商务、卫生计生、税务等部门的信息互联共享,为外国人永久居留政策研究和服务管理提供支撑。加快铁路、民航、银行、保险、宾馆等窗口部门和单位相关设备的技术升级改造,完善永久居留服务配套设施。  25. Strengthen information-based security. Under the leadership of Ministry of Public Security, we should establish an information platform for the Administration of Permanent Residency Services for Foreigners and achieve information interconnection and sharing between departments of foreign affairs, development and reform, comprehensive administration, education, science and technology, social security, human resources, foreign experts, urban and rural housing development, finance, business, health and family planning, taxation, etc., which provide supports to the study of permanent residency policies and the service administration. Accelerate the upgrade of technology related to equipment used by railway, civil aviation, banking, insurance, hotels and other departments and units that serve as “window departments”.
26.加强宣传引导。做好政策解读和舆论引导,提高外国人永久居留政策的社会知晓度和国际影响力,提升全社会对永久居留外国人的兼容接纳,营造更加开放包容的社会氛围,为更大力度吸引外国人来华创新创业营造良好环境。  26. Strengthen publicity and guidance. Do well in the policy interpretation and media guidance, keep the public well informed of permanent residency policies for foreigners and increase the international influence of such policies. Better prepare the whole society to accept and admit foreigners with permanent residency, form a social atmosphere that is more open and tolerate, so as to create an environment in favor of bringing in more foreigners who make innovations and open business in China.

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