Shanghai Online Temporary Residence Registration for Foreigners

Shanghai Daily reports that foreigners and persons from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan arriving in Shanghai can now complete the temporary residence registration (临时住宿登记) process online instead of going to the police in person.

The law requires people from overseas to register their residence with the local police station (or the hotel they are staying) within 24 hours of arrival.

Shanghai is the first city in China to introduce online residence registration.

You can scan the following QR code with your mobile phone or log onto to register. So far, the only language options are English and Chinese.

Online residence registration for foreigners

To register, sign up with your e-mail address, upload a picture of your passport ID pages, and give your address in Shanghai and their entry and exit dates.

An SMS message will confirm receipt of the digital registration form.

Apparently, a copy of your deed or lease need not be submitted.

One helpful feature of the app is that apparently it can store the history of your prior registrations. That could be helpful if, for example, you need to apply for a certificate of no criminal conviction, i.e., police certificate.

The public security bureau issues a stern warning: “We will have community police officers to come up to [individuals] at the registered address, and if any cheating in this regard is discovered, legal action will be taken.”

For more on the temporary residence registration process, see here.

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  2. Wasif Avatar

    It is not opening now, do you know if it has been shutdown? Or is it temporarily down?

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