FAQ: China’s New Visa Law

China_VisaChina is overhauling its immigration law regime. A new Exit-Entry Administration Law (EEAL), enacted by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, became effective July 1, 2013. New State Council regulations became effective Sept. 1, 2013.

The  law and regulations cover, among other things, visas, entry, and exit;  stay, residence, and permanent residence; and investigation, penalties, and deportation.  Continue reading “FAQ: China’s New Visa Law”

Quick Takes on U.S. and China Visa Law News (2013-2015)



Buzz over Bid by China’s ‘Silicon Valley’ to Draw Foreign Talent (Straits Times, Dec. 15): Under proposals made by the Zhongguancun park located in Beijing, former Chinese citizens will receive an “overseas Chinese card”; foreigners will get temporary identification papers; and young foreigners will enjoy internship opportunities.

Kenyans Living in the Shadow of Shattered Chinese Dream (Daily Nation, Dec. 6): Kenya’s ambassador to Beijing is aware of a human trafficking racket where con men offer Kenyans non-existent jobs in China as English language teachers. Upon entering with a business visitor visa, the typical “teacher” learns that work is not authorized with that visa. Further, they learn that English work authorization is only available to persons from “native English-speaking countries.” While Kenya’s official languages are English and Swahili, South Africa is the only African country China classifies as a “native English-speaking country.” Many end up in illegal jobs at rural outposts, earning a fraction of what they had been promised. Continue reading “Quick Takes on U.S. and China Visa Law News (2013-2015)”