Update: U.S. Visa Application Fee Increase Effective June 4, 2010

The State Department has announced that U.S. visa application fees will increase effective June 4, 2010. Only nonimmigrant (temporary) visa application fees are affected, although a separate proposal to increase immigrant visa application fees is pending.

Update: The Embassy has now announced the exact fee for applicants who pay in RMB:


For U.S. Consulates in China, the fee is paid at CITIC Bank.

Important note:  the correct fee receipt for the full and appropriate amount for the visa type being applied for must be presented on the day of application.  Beginning on June 4, those applicants who had already purchased fee receipts for the previous fee amount ($131) must provide a receipt from CITIC Bank for the difference, so that the full amount is paid.  As of Monday, May 31, new fee receipts for the full amount or, if applicable, for the difference in new and old amounts, can be purchased at any CITIC branch.  An application cannot be processed without the correct fee receipt.

The State Department asserts that the fee increase is needed to recover the costs of visa processing.

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