USCIS Albuquerque Field Office Updates

The USCIS Albuquerque Field Office provided the following updates during the Mar. 17, 2022, stakeholder meeting.

Processing Times for Form I-485, Application to Adjust Status

  • January: 11.01 average months, 185 cases adjudicated
  • February: 9.7 average months, 203 cases adjudicated
  • March: 11.67 average months, 55 cases adjudicated to date

Some cases have experienced delays because the Albuquerque Field Office has not yet received the A-file from the Federal Records Centers. For more on this issue, see With Paperwork Locked Underground, Thousands of U.S. Citizenship Applicants Wait and Wait, The Wall Street Journal (updated Jan. 24, 2022).

Processing Times for Form N-400, Application for Naturalization

  • January: 8.16 average months, 193 cases adjudicated
  • February: 7.26 average months, 133 cases adjudicated
  • March: 7.54 average months, 76 cases adjudicated to date

Biometrics Appointments

The field office is still not allowing walk-ins, so applicants should appear at their scheduled times.

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