National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival

Chodorow Law Offices will be closed during the upcoming Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays. Sept. 30 (Saturday): Open. Oct. 2-8: Closed. Oct. 9 (Monday): Open. Similarly, the U.S. Embassy and Consulates General will be closed, on the following schedule: Oct. 2-8: Closed. Oct. 9: Closed for Columbus Day (U.S. holiday). Best wishes for…

2 Million Page Views. Thank You!

The U.S. & China Visa Law Blog just hit 2 million page views since we started counting in June 2012. For a viral cat video, that’s nothing. But for us, it’s worth celebrating. It’s been a pleasure to participate in a meaningful online dialogue about U.S. and China immigration law and policy. And to spark some great offline professional relationships and…

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CNN on Jeb Bush’s “Anchor Baby” Comments (Quoting Gary Chodorow)

MJ Lee of CNN Politics has written “5 Things to Know about the Asian Anchor Baby Controversy,” quoting attorney Gary Chodorow. Jeb Bush was trying to dig himself out from a pile of criticism for using the term “anchor babies.” But his comments at a press conference Monday only brought heaps of new outrage. Defending…

AmCham China White Paper: Visa Policy

The 17th edition of AmCham China’s newly published American Business in China White Paper reflects the collective views of AmCham China’s more than 1,000 member companies on trade and commercial issues that affect the U.S. business community in China. The Visa Policy chapter focuses on:

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U.S., China Agree on Longer Visa Validity

 The U.S. and China have mutually agreed to increase business and tourist visa validity to 10 years and student and exchange visa validity to 5 years. That according to President Obama’s announcement (video)  on November 10 at the 2014 APEC summit in Beijing. Both governments put the policy into effect immediately. But China hasn’t even fully implemented its prior…

U.S. & China Visa Law Blog Selected for Danwei Award 2014

We’re honored  that the U.S. & China Visa Law Blog has been selected for a 2014 Danwei Model Worker Award. Danwei, part of the Financial Times group, is a Chinese media and internet research firm that each year recognizes the best websites and blogs about China written in English.

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Webinar: The B-1 Business Visa—How to “B” Resourceful (Oct. 23)

This 90-minute web seminar will be recorded live on October 23, 2014, from 2:00 pm-3:30 pm eastern time. The B-1 visa for business visitors provides short term business travelers with a unique opportunity. The B-1 option has its benefits, as well as its limitations. Exploring all the different ways that the B-1 can help a…

Ministry of Public Security Encourages Whistleblowers to Report on Persons with Dual Nationality

China’s Ministry of Public Security posted this appeal on its website: members of the public with knowledge of family residence registration (hukou) violations should report their tips to the public security bureau. This includes persons who have acquired foreign nationality but failed to cancel their hukou.

Chinese Birth Tourism (Story by Germany’s ARD TV)

Germany’s public broadcaster, ARD, has a story on Chinese birth tourism to the U.S. Karin Dohr interviewed attorney Gary Chodorow for the story. Chodorow says that birth tourism can put couples at risk if they misrepresent the  purprose of their visit to the U.S. Consulate when applying for a visa or to U.S. Customs when entering the…