Quick Takes on U.S. and China Visa Law News


Influx of Chinese Students into U.S. May Be Tapering Off (Aug. 29, 2012): According to a Council of Graduate Schools report, admission offers from U.S. graduate schools to Chinese nationals–who make up one-third of all international master’s and doctoral degree students in the U.S.–flattened this year. / See also Chinese Applications to U.S. Graduate Schools Decline (New York Times, May 4).

China Broadens Crackdown on Foreign Missionaries (Globe and Mail, Aug.25): From interviews with nearly a dozen former and active missionaries, experts and academics it’s clear at least hundreds – perhaps nearly 1,000 – have been forced out of China since early 2013.

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Ministry of Public Security Encourages Whistleblowers to Report on Persons with Dual Nationality

hukouChina’s Ministry of Public Security posted this appeal on its website: members of the public with knowledge of family residence registration (hukou) violations should report their tips to the public security bureau. This includes persons who have acquired foreign nationality but failed to cancel their hukou. Continue reading

H-4 Spouses Waiting for Employment Authorization Rule

housewifeThe Obama Administration wants to grant work authorization to some H-4 spouses of H-1B temporary work visa holders, according to a May 12 proposed rule by the Department of Homeland Security.  Nearly 13,000 people submitted comments during the 30-day comment period, mostly arguing that the proposed rule should cover all H-4 spouses. Now, we’re waiting for the interim or final rule to be published and go into effect. Continue reading

Computer Crash Hobbles U.S. Visa, Passport Operations in China (Aug. 10 Update)

errorDue to technical problems, the U.S. State Department is experiencing delays worldwide in visa and passport issuance. Visa applicants should be prepared for delays between their interviews and visa issuance. The glitch is with the Consular Consolidated Database (CCD), which is used by the Department to ensure security checks are conducted prior to approving, recording, and printing visas and passports. Continue reading

Is China Mulling a Points System for Work Visas?

points systemThere are signs that China is considering adopting a points system for foreigners applying for work visas. Zhang Jianguo, head of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, in a June speech, said SAFEA may introduce a points system to evaluate applicants for foreign expert licenses. Similar proposals have circulated regarding the separate employment license track for foreigners. Continue reading

U.S. Visas for Medical Treatment

medicalMore Chinese patients are checking into travel abroad for healthcare needs, helped by a rising demand for better quality medical care and sophisticated treatments, according to a recent article by Caixin. Below, I look at the driving forces behind the increase in so-called medical tourism, some differences between the U.S. and Chinese health care systems, the doctor-patient relationship in the U.S., and the U.S. visa requirements for healthcare visits. Continue reading