Supreme Court to Decide: Must Consulate Tell U.S. Citizen Why Her Husband’s Visa Was Denied? (Kerry v. Din)

supreme_courtTo the excitement of immigration nerds everywhere, the Supreme Court granted certiorari in Kerry v. Din on Oct. 2. In agreeing to hear this case, the Court will be faced with the issue of whether a U.S. citizen’s constitutional rights are violated where a consular officer refuses to issue a visa to her husband without explaining the reason why. Continue reading

Webinar: The B-1 Business Visa—How to “B” Resourceful (Oct. 23)

cbpThis 90-minute web seminar will be recorded live on October 23, 2014, from 2:00 pm-3:30 pm eastern time.

The B-1 visa for business visitors provides short term business travelers with a unique opportunity. The B-1 option has its benefits, as well as its limitations. Exploring all the different ways that the B-1 can help a business visitor might surprise you: from individuals travelling to consult with business associates and prospective E-2 investors to certain athletes and professional entertainers. Join our experts for a discussion of all things B-1. Learn more.

Enrolling Binational Children in Beijing International Schools: Immigration Law Issues

Chalk BoardThe school year has just begun in Beijing. But for children of binational couples, it’s not too early to start thinking about immigration-related requirements for enrolling in Beijing international schools next year. In some cases, a child may need to renounce Chinese citizenship in order to become eligible for enrollment. Continue reading

U.S. Visa Law Highlights

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Ministry of Public Security Encourages Whistleblowers to Report on Persons with Dual Nationality

hukouChina’s Ministry of Public Security posted this appeal on its website: members of the public with knowledge of family residence registration (hukou) violations should report their tips to the public security bureau. This includes persons who have acquired foreign nationality but failed to cancel their hukou. Continue reading