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Recent Articles

Quick Takes on U.S. & China Visa Law News

Former Wife of Fugitive Chinese Official Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Commit Immigration Fraud Related to EB-5 Investor Visa (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement News Release, Jan. 10): The ex-wife of a former Chinese government official has pleaded guilty to charges that she conspired to fraudulently obtain visas to enter the United States through the immigrant investor program. Zhao Shilan (趙世蘭) admitted to submitting to USCIS false documents making it appear that her investment funds were earned legally and a false marriage certificate making it appear that she was married to her ex-husband so that he could immigrate with her.

More Quick Takes on the News: Continue reading “Quick Takes on U.S. & China Visa Law News”

See if You Are Eligible for Expeditious Naturalization

Most applicants for naturalization must first reside in the U.S. as a lawful permanent resident for a continuous period of 5 years. However, that requirement can be waived if you are eligible for expeditious naturalization based on your U.S. citizen spouse’s employment abroad for one of the following types of employers: Continue reading “See if You Are Eligible for Expeditious Naturalization”

Presentation: New China Policies for Foreigner Work Permits and Investment (Beijing, Jan. 6)

Get the latest on China’s implementation on the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs’ Notice on Implementation of Plans for Employment Licenses for Foreigners Coming to China for Work (国家外国专家局关于印发外国人来华工作许可制度试点实施方案的通知) and the Ministry of Commerce’s Interim Measures on Record-filing Administration for the Establishment and Alteration of Foreign-Invested Enterprises (外商投资企业设立及变更备案管理暂行办法). The target audience is HR managers and foreigners working, investing, or doing business in China. Read more.

Trump’s Irresponsible Proposal: Deporting U.S. Citizens

President-Elect Trump last night tweeted a proposal that persons who burn the U.S. flag should “perhaps” lose their American citizenship. Regardless of one’s views on flag burning as protected free speech, the specter of the government depriving Americans of their citizenship is terrifying and unconstitutional. Continue reading “Trump’s Irresponsible Proposal: Deporting U.S. Citizens”

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Gary Chodorow, Managing Attorney

Gary Chodorow

Gary Chodorow (乔德睿) is a China-based immigration lawyer. He has helped clients with U.S. and China visas, permanent residence, and citizenship matters for more than 20 years. Gary also is a founding member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s Asia-Pacific chapter, co-chair of the American Chamber of Commerce-China’s visa committee, and adjunct professor at Chicago-Kent School of Law. Read on.

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