2 Million Page Views. Thank You!

2 mil viewsThe U.S. & China Visa Law Blog just hit 2 million page views since we started counting in June 2012. For a viral cat video, that’s nothing. But for us, it’s worth celebrating. It’s been a pleasure to participate in a meaningful online dialogue about U.S. and China immigration law and policy. And to spark some great offline professional relationships and friendships. Thanks!

3 responses to “2 Million Page Views. Thank You!”

  1. David Wang Avatar
    David Wang

    Congrats from a long-time reader! Keep it up.

  2. Wang Tao Avatar
    Wang Tao

    恭喜你们. This blog is an invaluable resource.

  3. Bobby Fischer / Wang Xia Avatar
    Bobby Fischer / Wang Xia

    It’s been great getting to know you, first online and then offline.

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