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We worked with Chodorow Law Offices on my CR-1 immigrant visa application. The services provided by Gary Chodorow, Linda Tang, and Natalie Xin were very professional. They made a clear plan for my case and worked efficiently, preparing and checking each document very carefully. The staff is patient and friendly. Thank you for your hard work to help me get to the U.S. Here’s a photo at the airport in Boston after I entered with the CR-1 visa!

LIU Wenjing



Gary Chodorow was the attorney for my J-1 waiver, H-1B, outstanding professor green card, and naturalization. Recently, he helped apply for certificates of citizenship (Form N-600K) for my children living in Paris. We couldn’t have achieved this without his expertise and guidance. We’re deeply grateful for the wonderful job he did. The above photo of the kids’ naturalization ceremony hangs in our living room.




Thanks to Chodorow Law Offices for all your guidance and assistance throughout our entire CR-1 visa journey, and thanks especially for Eric’s help and responsiveness as our case manager! I’ve already referred your services to an acquaintance I made here in Beijing and will happily recommend your firm in the future. We really appreciate all your work and look forward to hearing from you again before the conditional residency expires. Thanks again and we wish you a happy New Year!

Jeffrey Trinhvia LinkedIn




Mr. Chodorow is someone I would I highly recommend for those who feel lost or a bit intimidated by the ins and outs of Immigration Law, especially for attaining visas and green cards. His firm provided substantial materials and guidance in getting through each step of the visa process. His staff was very courteous and incredibly caring and helpful. The Skype meetings we periodically had with Mr. Chodorow were very efficient and meaningful. All in all, I believe working with his firm was a very sound and productive investment.

Brandon Bufevia LinkedIn




Thank you for your professional and timely management of my application for a China police clearance.

Ludivine Grippay

Gary Chodorow represented my wife in her application for expeditious naturalization on the basis of my employment abroad for a U.S. company. He was thorough, knowledgeable and covered all contingencies. At the interview, the officer commented that Gary had done “excellent work” and that the application package was “complete and well put-together.”

John Kelley

I found Chodorow Law Offices at a time when my US visa application was stuck in administrative processing as I was unable to provide a Chinese police clearance covering my period of residence in China more than 10 years ago. Gary and Linda managed not only to solve my problem quickly but also to restore something I was starting to lose: hope. Their work helped me reunite with my wife in the US. I’ve read somewhere that a lawyer can change people’s lives. Chodorow Law Offices did that for me.


Linda is very capable, consistent, understanding, and professional…. We felt very fortunate to have her as our case manager. Thank you for guiding us through this complicated [K-1 visa and Form I-485, Application to Adjust Status] process. We appreciate your diligence and timely response at every step. [We] will surely recommend your firm to anyone we know that is in need.

[Name Withheld]

Pete Zhang, the paralegal who helped with my application for a Nanjing police certificate, was exemplary in every way. He introduced himself at the beginning; responded to questions and requests promptly; showed initiative to track down the right people; and was patient and reassuring, building trust and confidence in his competence and the professionalism of the firm.

Catherine Kendall

Gary Chodorow and his team provided support far beyond our expectations resulting in a K-1 visa for my Chinese fiancé. He and his team are experienced with the issues faced by international LGBT couples. Chodorow Law Offices is effective in working across language and cultural boundaries. I recommend them highly.


Chodorow Law Offices helped me and my wife with our Form I-751, Petition to Remove the Conditions on Residence. Gary and Linda’s detailed preparation and good communications made this stressful process much easier. Best of all, the USCIS officer was super impressed with our filing and told us so when he approved the I-751.


Thank you for doing a fantastic job with our K-1 visa and adjustment of status. Throughout this whole process, you guys were on the ball and handled everything professionally. In particular, we want to thank our case manager, Linda, for keeping us informed and updated about our case. Linda was a pleasure to work with.

Bobby and Xin Fischer


Gary Chodorow and Pete Zhang were a great help to me in getting an immigrant visa at the U.S. Embassy in London. The Embassy initially denied my application because the public security bureau in China refused to issue me a police clearance on the grounds that I lacked sufficient evidence of my residence there long ago. Then I hired Chodorow Law Offices. With attention to detail and expertise, Gary and Pete prepared evidence that persuaded the Embassy to waive the China police clearance requirement and approve my visa application. Thank you!

Marie Thomas




I have known Gary for many years. He has an in-depth understanding of the U.S. Consulates in China. Every time I have difficult issues with one of these consulates, Gary is the first person that I go to for assistance, and he has been extremely helpful. I highly recommend Gary to anyone who would like to negotiate the U.S. visa process in China.




Gary helped me win an appeal when USCIS wrongly denied my Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. I hired Gary after I had spoken with another law firm but was concerned they didn’t have the experience to help with the complexities in my case, including my overseas assignment and N-470. Gary’s guidance was very good and I was pleased with the service.

Attorney Gary Chodorow represented me in applying for a visa at the U.S. Consulate in Shenyang. When the Consulate returned my passport, it was accompanied by a note thanking Gary for the “thorough and well-prepared” visa application. I’ve never heard of a consular officer sending out a thank-you note!


Chodorow Law Offices helped me become a U.S. citizen through expeditious naturalization under INA section 319(b). They were professional, punctual in responding to my questions, and knowledgeable about this type of case.


Gary is one of the most thorough, patient and analytical attorneys I’ve met. He was a joy to collaborate with on an article we co-wrote. I would highly recommend Gary for investor visa work and other complex immigration cases.

Many thanks for all your help throughout the [U.S. family-sponsored immigration] process. You were very friendly, supportive and professional. You made a difficult task manageable. I am very happy to have completed the process within six months.

Catherine PlattChengdu

Thank you Susie and Gary for helping me obtain China police certificates for parts of the time I lived there and to prove to the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council that police certificates are unobtainable for other parts of the time I lived there. I was very pleased with the plan you made for the applications and with how you coordinated the work to compile the required evidence, helping me every step of the way in a highly professional manner. I have my license now thanks to your firm!


[Gary’s] knowledge, expertise and professionalism were evident from the day we first met him…. He helped my wife overcome a US visa renewal crisis during a trip overseas. He represented her at the US embassy by calling the consular officer at what were ungodly hours in the US, and managed to succeed in presenting an oral and written argument that got her back. Having Gary on our side was the best thing that could have happened to us….

Dheeraj Raina, MDvia LinkedIn

Gary and his team helped me to acquire a Chinese Police Certificate in order for me to apply for residency in New Zealand. His team are very professional and thorough and kept me updated regularly. Would highly recommend!


Chodorow Law Offices helped get my Canada permanent residence application approved. In particular, the law firm proved to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that it was not possible for me to meet the normal requirement of submitting a police certificate from China, where I previously lived. The firm’s work was quick, with clear, prompt, and personal communications, thanks especially to Pete Zhang. I have no hesitation in recommending your firm.

Benjamin Kearney

Thanks, Gary, for providing an expert legal opinion explaining to the U.S. Embassy in London that it would be impossible for my wife to obtain a Chinese police certificate. At the immigrant visa interview, the consular officer reviewed the documentation and approved the visa a few minutes later. It worked perfectly.


Gary and Linda: It was really a delightful experience working with your law firm. You were were extremely professional and always helpful and respectful in assisting me and my wife with her adjustment of status on the basis of our marriage. The level of detail and advice we received and the level of expertise of the staff greatly impressed us. You have helped us above and beyond what we had expected. Thank you.


Chodorow Law Offices did a great job helping me get a notarial birth certificate from China. I’m a former Chinese citizen and needed it to file with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The law firm’s staff were really communicative, quick to respond, and diligent.

Name Withheld

Gary Chodorow and Linda Tang were incredibly helpful in assisting us with a K-1 (fiancée) visa and then a green card on the basis of our marriage. They were experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of immigration law related to our case. Gary and Linda continuously kept us up to date with a clear schedule and meetings. They made it simple for us to understand the procedures and set our expectations appropriately.  Thank you.

Jacob & Jingzhu

Gary and his team are very knowledgeable, professional, efficient and always patient… They always thought ahead and helped us to get well organized and prepared. Working with Gary and his team made the complicated visa process so much simpler, and made my life so much easier. So thank you so much!

Hi Gary, I would like to thank you for helping with my husband’s Chinese Police Clearance. Because of you the impossible became possible: The US Embassy in Manila accepted his Police Clearance and, for his first year in China, accepted the evidence your team prepared showing that the Police Certificate was unobtainable. Thank you also to Susie Guo and all those in Chodorow Law Offices.

BethComment posted to

I can recommend Gary Chodorow. For my China permanent residency application he helped me get an FBI certificate of no criminal conviction and get it authenticated by the PRC Embassy in Washington, DC. The process went very smoothly, was reasonably priced, and I did not have to travel to the U.S. to get it done.

Kim WoodardJavelin InvestmentsBeijing

Mr. Chodorow handled my fiancé’s Chinese [police certificate application] for her K1 visa. He managed to provide enough documentation regarding why it was unobtainable to satisfy the [consular officer]. He is the only lawyer who is capable of handling the more complicated [cases] that we could find. All other lawyers upon looking at our case referred us to him.

It can be a daunting task to hire a law firm overseas, but I was impressed by the diligence and commitment of each member of the staff at Chodorow Law Offices. They were well prepared to handle cases like mine, and they patiently dealt with all the details. They succeeded in convincing New Zealand immigration to waive the requirement that I submit a China police certificate on the basis that it was unobtainable.

Catherine Uy, Philippines

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